15 April 2022

We all love a great kitchen renovation – it’s where most homeowners choose to spend their reno budget first because it can be the highest return on investment. You want it to be beautiful, as well as functional, so your approach should include how you plan to use it everyday. If the design doesn’t serve your everyday needs, then its missing one of the most important qualifications of a good kitchen. Today I’m sharing 5 of the most common kitchen design mistakes and solutions that offer an easy fix.

Austin Greenshores Luxe Kitchen Interior DesignDesign by BANDD/DESIGN      Photography by Molly Culver


The work triangle is where your cooktop, sink and refrigerator connect. You want the flow between these spaces to be seamless. Each part of the work triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet. This allows you to cook, clean and store items easily. You want to keep this area open and easy to move around in. 

Bandd Julius 6Design by BANDD/DESIGN      Photography by Molly Culver


In addition to the work triangle, proper overall circulation should also be a priority in your design plan. There’s nothing worse than not having enough space to freely move around. For example, you don’t want to feel cramped, so providing about 4 feet of space between the countertops and an island is ideal. You want to keep this area open and easy to move about.

Kitchen Angle Toward Powder RmDesign by BANDD/DESIGN      Photography by Ryann Ford


You can design the most perfect kitchen, but if it doesn’t have adequate lighting, you won’t be able to perform tasks as comfortably as you should be. So having proper lighting is a priority! Think pendant lights that can function as task lighting or under cabinet lighting for extra visibility. Just make sure you watch out for too many unwanted shadows!

Westlake Hillside Court Custom Kitchen Island Design


Hardware can really make an impact on the personality of a kitchen and is a very important element in the overall design. Make sure you are aware of the overall look you’re trying to create and keep in mind the scale and placement of the hardware. What worked in a kitchen you saw on Pinterest may not work in your space. Also, be mindful of the scale so when you look across the room, everything should look balanced and layered correctly. Hardware is definitely not a one-size-fits-all.


Kitchens are the hub of a home, they are not cheap and mistakes can be expensive. If you don’t know where to start or the order in which steps should be taken, that inexperience can really cost you. So if you decide to tackle a project of this size and scope, make sure you put in the extra due diligence of tons and tons of research! You want to do everything you can do avoid these main kitchen design mistakes.

Of course, hiring a design team can help you determine the best functionality and layout for your kitchen. <wink>

Cheers, Sara

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