9 May 2022

Time is such a funny thing. Sometimes it drags on and sometimes it goes by in a blink. I can’t believe I am here, writing our 5-year anniversary post. So much has happened over the last half decade that there are days I wake up and think, “wow I can’t believe where we are today.” 

Let me go back to the beginning for a hot minute. I have always been a decisive, gut-reaction type person. Almost to a fault, I’d say. But back in late 2016, I was sitting at the precipice of a major life change. I was no longer fulfilled nor challenged in my otherwise successful sales career in the entertainment industry. My kids were teetering on aging out of toddler phase and thus getting a little bit easier to manage. And my entrepreneurial itch was just growing stronger and stronger. 

I spent hours researching, trying to figure out what I should do next. Should I go back to school and get my MBA? I loved studying business, so that seemed interesting. It also seemed expensive, time consuming and pretty vague in how it would get me to some sort of career fulfillment. I was also 35, with a young family and a mortgage. I didn’t have the luxury of just quitting it all and trying something new out. 

If you’ve read or heard any of the stories about my design business beginnings, you notice I cutely announce that one day I truly had a ‘light bulb moment,’ where I woke up and thought, ‘what about interior design?!’ After even more hours of research and tapping into my creative depths, I felt like this was both a compelling and attainable opportunity for my second act. 

I’ll save the ‘how I got to this revelation, what I did next and how long it took me to actually get up and running’ for now. But I will say it took a lot of hustle and humility at first…and putting myself out there in really unnatural ways.


My first two clients came in at the same time. One was a random woman I connected with on a Facebook group and another one was a close friend of mine who wanted to show her support. I remember being in shock that both agreed to pay me what I had actually asked for in design fees. In that moment it all felt real. Scary and real.

And here I am to cutely announce once again that I have blinked and it’s 5 years and 140+ projects later. It has been a whirlwind since day one. We haven’t slowed down for one single second, and that even includes a global pandemic. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sitting still has never worked well for me. 

We’ve had over a dozen ‘banddmates’ join us over these first 5 years. Some have grown and left the nest and some are those that I share hours of daily laughter and stress with. I am always in awe when someone joins our team, who believes and supports my initial vision for this journey. I am so thankful for all of them. This place, this vision is just as much theirs as it is mine. 

Our clients have been incredible to say the very least. They too have always trusted in our talents and efforts, and it is the ultimate honor when they trust us with the most important space in their lives – their homes. 


I was unsteady and unsure initially, like a baby fawn wobbling to walk for the first time. But you all supported, validated and celebrated my vision and for that, I am speechlessly grateful. I am certain I am doing what I was always meant to be doing, but I needed to take my own path to get here. 

These last 5 years have been so incredible, that I have no idea how the next 5 could even come close to matching them. But a rolling stone gathers no moss, and I am ready for the next chapter of this adventure. Stay tuned for all kinds of fun stuff coming your way and once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.



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