25 February 2022

Most people usually have some idea of what they envision their home to be, even before they’ve thought about hiring an interior designer. However, it’s a very daunting task to make that vision a reality. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t have the time or resources, don’t want to make costly mistakes or need help prioritizing projects and where to invest or save, then hiring an interior designer might be for you. And there are lots and lots of questions to be answered.

Today’s blog is going to answer some of our most frequently asked questions on what it’s like to work with us and what you can expect.

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Design by BANDD/DESIGN Photography by Molly Culver


Where does the name BANDD/DESIGN come from? When I first created the business, I knew I did not want to give it an eponymous name because I feel that the design is about the clients and not me. BANDD is an iteration of my two daughters’ first initials B and D.

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Design by BANDD/DESIGN Photography by Molly Culver


An interior designer can make a world of difference when it comes to your design project. We can save you so much time, money and prevent many common mistakes along the way. It is a luxury service that truly pays for itself in the long run.

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We pretty much get asked this question 100% of the time, and reasonably so. It’s easily the most difficult part of this whole process. It’s really hard to know what everything on your wish list will cost you, until you line item everything out. Luckily for you, we have a budget cheat sheet to help you. Also, as part of our work together, we will create and manage a detailed budget to help keep us on track.

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How do I share my design preferences with you? Design is so subjective and obviously very visual. As such, visual cues are the key to sharing your likes and dislikes. You can say, “I like modern”, and I can say “I like Modern” but we could be speaking two totally different languages. We use tools like Pinterest, your current space, pieces you want to keep and other visual aides as tools to get us on the same design page.

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