1 January 2021

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021! Wow, what a year it has been for everyone. Despite all of the chaos and uncertainty that occurred this year, we still had a whole lot of amazing moments and projects. We are so excited for what 2021 has in store for us! But before we say goodbye to 2020 for good, we’d like to take a little trip down 2020’s memory lane.

Project Love

We are blessed to have so many wonderful clients this year and loved creating remarkable spaces that are unique to each and every one of them.

Kicking off the year with our Small Drive Remodel project was such a blast! We remodeled the client’s entire kitchen and powder bathroom to give it a more modern look while also incorporating elements that highlight their family’s personality. My personal favorites in this project is the antique-mirrored refrigerator and the cross shaped tiles in the powder bath!


Powder Room

Photography by Ryann Ford

Our Chloes Bloom project was one for the books! The clients were moving from California to a new build in Austin with basically nothing for their home, so we had the honor of getting to select everything from furnishings, to dishware, all the way down to hardware.

Bandd Chloesbloom 1

Bandd Chloesbloom 28

Photography by Molly Culver

This year we also finished up our gorgeous Rollingwood New Build project. We used a lot of earthy materials and cool blues to give this home a serene feel, while also incorporating bold prints, pops of color, and textural elements to make it one-of-a-kind and interesting.

Rollingwood New Built Bts Daybed

Rollingwood New Build Bts Powder Bath

We had so much fun giving our Historic Travis Heights project a little facelift by remodeling their bathrooms and refreshing a few rooms throughout their home to really express their personality. This project is full of bold colors, patterns, and quirky elements!

Bandd Reganterrace 10

Bandd Reganterrace 8

Photography by Molly Culver

Sara’s Home Remodel + Our First Web Series!

2020 had us all bunkered down at home, realizing that we’d like to change up some things around our space. Our owner + principal designer, Sara, got right to it and decided to remodel her own home! This project is still in the works and we cannot wait to share the final reveal with you all. We’ve been filming the progress along the way in our first ever web series! Be sure to check it out on our YouTube and IGTV as we post more behind the scenes, and of course, the final reveal!

Sara Remodel Bts Girl's Bathroom

Fresh Faces

We are so blessed to have added two new amazing, talented, and funny Designers + Project Managers to our team. I give them major kudos for being able to adjust so smoothly during such unique times when we were all working from home and getting to know each other via Zoom calls. But hey, that’s 2020 for ya!

In July, we welcomed Rohde, our Designer + Project Manager. His bold personality and love for, as he calls it, “Rockstar Chic” interior design really brought a fresh eye and perspective to our team! Not only is he a hilarious and quick-witted addition to our team, but he has some pretty cool design experience under his belt – as he has worked on projects for Elton John, Cher, Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock, and writer Aaron Sorkin. Keep up the great work and dad jokes, Rohde!

Bandd Design

Photography by Cathlin McCullough

In August, Meghan came on board as our Designer + Project Manager. She might just be the sweetest human in the whole world! Meghan’s passion for all things design and her crafty ways have been such an incredible addition to our team. Her journey in interior design has taken her all over, immersing herself in the LA design community, but we are so glad that she found her way back home to Austin and brought her talents to BANDD! Thank you for all that you’ve brought to our team and always showing us the cutest finds on Etsy, Meghan.

Edited Headshot Meghan

Photography by Cathlin McCullough

Tribeza Interiors Tour

Back in January, before things took quite the turn, we had the incredible opportunity to showcase our Camelot New Build project in Tribeza Magazine’s 2020 Interiors Tour! We had so much fun giving fellow design lovers a tour of this modern farmhouse.

Baand Castleridge 14

Baand Castleridge 11

Photography by Molly Culver

We are ecstatic and humbled to announce that our Historic Travis Heights project has been chosen for Tribeza’s 2021 Interiors Issue! To stop the spread of the virus, this project unfortunately will not be available for in-person tours, but don’t you worry! You can still tour this colorful home online from the comfort of your home and also check it out in Tribeza’s January issue.

Well 2020, it’s been real, and it’s been fun…but it ain’t been real fun. As our team attempts to retire their fabulous work-from-home setups (aka our dining tables) that helped us get through 7 months of virtual projects and a whole lot of Zoom calls, we look forward to a new year full of change and opportunity. And may I add, I sure do see a lot of home office and game room projects in our future. We’d like to thank you all for your support during this strange year! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

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