22 April 2022

Have you ever walked into a living room or bedroom and it just feels right?  Chances are it’s because everything has been placed where it should be and the layers of the room have been thoughtfully curated. A bathroom is no different. It can also be one of the most valuable remodels you can make in a home and as you can imagine, there are so many details you need to get right.  If you’re thinking about refreshing yours or starting from scratch, there are a few key measurements you need to keep in mind. 

Austin Lost Creek Master Bathroom DesignDesign by BANDD/DESIGN      Photography by Molly Culver


The standard height for a vanity is 36″, of course, depending on whether or not you have small children you might want to consider reducing the height a few inches.

As for sconces, the trick is to consider how they are being used. Typically, you’ll want to hang them about 36″-40″ apart and at eye level so they illuminate your face. The height from the floor can vary, just keep in mind not to hang them to high so the light bulb is visible.  Generally speaking, the height could measure between 60″ – 72″ whether you’re hanging them on the side or above the mirror.

2Design by BANDD/DESIGN      Photography by Molly Culver


Traditionally, a shower head height should be around 80″ high but no less than 72″ from the height of the finished floor.  So if you are retiling the shower floor make sure you account for the tile’s thickness. Also keep in mind the type of shower fixture you are using. If you have exposed pipe, you need to make adjustments to it doesn’t exceed the overall enclosure.

And the general guideline for your faucet handle should be waist high so anywhere from 36″ to 48″.  Within that range, pick a height that is comfortable for all users.

1Design by BANDD/DESIGN      Photography by Ryann Ford


The industry standard for towel bar heights is 48″, but really anywhere from 44″-48″ is considered a comfortable height for most people.  You want to be able to reach the towel without reaching up or down. For towel rings above a vanity, you should generally allow for around 20″ from the bottom of the ring to the top of the countertop.

Robe hooks should be set at around 65″-70″ for best reach + you don’t want them to drag the ground.

3Design by BANDD/DESIGN      Photography by Ryann Ford


The standard height for a wall-mounted toilet paper holder is 26″ on center from the floor.  This means that the center of the toilet paper holder will be 26″ off the finished floor.  Additionally, place it 8″-12″ away on center from the front of the toilet bowl.

Every home’s functionality will be different so these measurements are just a recommendation based on industry guidelines. You can always adapt them to your own circumstances, just ensure your safety by complying with local building codes.

Cheers, Sara


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