19 March 2022

If you have visitors in your home on occasion, you want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. So putting in a little extra thought into preparing for your guests can help them feel comfortable, welcome and have everything they need. Today I’m sharing a few easy ideas you can use in your home to create the perfect guest room.

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Obviously, an overnight guest needs a place to sleep. So one of the first things you need is a comfortable bed. You’ll want a good mattress with a mattress topper for extra comfort. Also important are nice pillows, blankets and sheets. It might be hard to determine the perfect pillow, so have a few options available to solve the dilemma.

Next take a look at which sheets and blankets you will use. Throw blankets can also come in handy. Consider providing a comforter, for a heavier weight, and a lighter blanket as an alternative. The right combo makes for a more peaceful sleep.

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Make some room in the closet for guests to unpack. If you don’t have closet space, you can keep a few drawers empty or have some decorative boxes with lids or baskets for fun storage. Some guests may even want to keep their things in their suitcase, this is where a foldable suitcase rack is super handy. It can be stored in the closet and pulled out when needed.

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Another way to make guests feel comfortable is having what they need right at hand. A set of nightstands is the perfect solution for keeping their things nearby. You can also keep those drawers empty and they can function as extra storage as needed.

Lighting is also essential in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Keep lamps on the nightstands and night lights for getting to and from the bathroom so they’re not fumbling in the dark.

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Once you’ve covered the basics, you can add a few extras, such as snacks, beverages, mirrors, an extra chair for seating or even a welcome basket or tray. You can set a beautiful tray on the end of the bed with small bottles of water, a candle and flowers for a nice added touch. It’s also a great place to place a couple of rolled towels. Other ideas might include a small frame showing the wi-fi password, an extra USB charger and some toiletries.

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