8 May 2020

Choosing the right tile can completely transform a space! But we know how hard it can be to make tile selections when there’s endless amounts of options out there. All the different materials, textures, colors, shapes – it can easily get overwhelming. Not every tile serves the same purpose, so if you’re new to the world of home remodels, you’ll probably find yourself a little confused on which tile options are suitable for each space in your home. We’ve broken it down for y’all and created our own little guide of everything you need to know about the most commonly used tiles for interiors. Keep reading below to find out which tile is best to use for every part of your home!


These tiles work for a bunch of different applications and they’re available at reasonable price points, so if you’re considering a home renovation (especially if you’re ballin’ on a budget) definitely look into ceramic options! Ceramic tiles are very popular because of their strong, hard surface and durability. Not to mention, they’re easy to install and clean. These tiles are best used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, showers, flooring, and backsplashes. Depending on where you’re installing them, be sure to know about glazed and unglazed options. Unglazed ceramic tiles give a more rustic, organic look, while glazed appear shinier and have a more polished look. Glazed options are sealed to have more protection, so choose glazed for floors so that they keep up over time.

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Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Ryann Ford


Mosaic tiles come in all sorts of beautiful shapes, colors, and patterns. These tiles are great for adding depth to a space and creating a bolder, more interesting look. We recommend using mosaic tiles as accent pieces so that they don’t overwhelm the room. They look incredible when used for backsplashes, showers, fireplaces, and flooring.

BANDD Design

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Madeleine Landry


Porcelain tiles come in several finishes; plain, polished, & rough. So whether you’re going for a more rustic and natural look, or want your space to feel more sleek and polished, there’s a porcelain tile to fit your aesthetic. These tiles are known for being resistant to stains, cracks, or fading – a homeowners dream! One of the best features of porcelain tiles is that they can imitate brick, wood, and stone – allowing you to get that beautiful, natural look without all the up-keep. Since this tile is one of the more durable options, it can be used in more high traffic areas of your home, such as on walls, backsplashes, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and even outdoors.


Design by Louise Walsh | Photography by Maree Homer


Cement tiles are one of my personal faves! They come in such gorgeous colors and patterns and can bring so much personality into a space. These tiles are very porous so over time you might start to see some variations in color and pattern, giving them a more vintage look. They are best in low traffic areas because they are not very durable and need to be resealed every month or so to keep their look. We love using these tiles for a bathroom floor, on a fireplace, or as a kitchen backsplash.

BANDD Design

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Katie Jameson


Glass tiles are amazing if you’re looking for a bolder, more vibrant look, as they have a reflective appearance. The biggest benefit of glass tiles is that they are stain resistant and easy to clean with just simply wiping them down. Since these tiles are made of glass, they can chip or crack a lot easier than natural stones, making them most suitable for low traffic areas such as walls, showers, and bathroom countertops.

Glass Tile

Design by Andrea Dabene x Fireclay Tiles | Photography by Alex Strohl

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