24 September 2021

Layering rugs on top of one another is a trend that’s been making its way into the spotlight over the last few years. At first, I had mixed feelings about this trend but, as I see it more and more in projects, I’m really digging the eclectic feel that it can bring into a space. Though layered rugs can add gorgeous definition, pattern, and color to a space when done right, it can also be tricky and look too busy if executed poorly. We’ve given you our designer-approved tips for how to layer rugs the right way!


Design by Ryan Street Architects | Photo by Ryann Ford

Design By Studio Mcgee

Design by Studio McGee

The best way to go about layering and pairing rugs is to have one be your dominant rug, while the other serves as an accent rug. The dominant rug is most often larger in scale and has a more muted pattern and/or color. The accent rug, on the other hand, is smaller in size and may incorporate bolder patterns and colors. I suggest going with a low-pile accent rug so that it drapes on top of the other smoothly and feels effortless. 

When selecting your rugs, there are several elements to consider. First, analyze your space to figure out what colors, patterns, and scale work best with the layout and existing design elements. If the room is wide and open, then make sure your rugs are large enough to accommodate for the space. If you have a boldly patterned chair in the room, then consider only incorporating one pattern rug paired with a rug that is more toned down to keep the space from feeling overwhelming.  

Design By Raili Ca Design | Photo By Rad Man

Design by Raili Ca Design | Photo by Rad Man

From here, you can start to focus on more decorative details. Contrast is key here; specifically when it comes to texture and color. To create textural contrast, choose rugs of different materials and patterns. For example, pair a jute rug with a patterned wool rug, a cotton rug with a cow hide, etc. As for color, you can play around with tones that blend in with the pieces in your space (such as having hints of blue on a vintage rug to match your pillows) or go bold by bringing in new colors. 

Design By Eric Aust Architect | Photo By Ryan Garvin

Design by Eric Aust Architect | Photo by Ryan Garvin

When it comes to the placement of your rugs, this is up to you and what your personal preference is! You can stack them right on top of each other for a more polished and refined look, or place one vertically on top for an eclectic, eye-catching moment. 

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