23 April 2021

Lighting can seem like the smallest detail in a room, yet it actually has the biggest impact on the space. Here are some tips on how to give a space some personality and make it more functional by mixing and matching fixtures.

Design By Katie Hodges

Design by Katie Hodges | Photography by Haris Kenjar

Tip #1

Coordination is key. Whether you are designing a compact space or an open floor plan, you need to stay consistent. Don’t think matchy-matchy, think flow. Find a fixture that speaks to you and works well for the space , then choose a similar material, shape, color, or style that will tie another fixture to it.

In this single space example, we selected this beautiful Sarnen Pendant for our bathroom install. Choosing a color palette of white and brass, we selected the Dauphine Sconce to tie the look together.

Small Drive Powder Bath Bandd Design

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Ryann Ford

A tasteful, open concept example would be this dining room and kitchen open floor plan. While the fixtures are quite different, they are similar in colors and materials. What is important to note is the fixtures selected help define their given spaces without overpowering the others.

Dsc 3572 Edit Edit 1 Min 1333x2000

Design by Cortney Bishop | Photography by Katie Charolette

Tip #2

Mix at least two fixtures, but no more than four. Using too many fixtures can bring confusion and chaos to a space. To help simplify this selection process, make sure the fixtures you are deciding between bring purpose to the space you are designing. Are you making a statement or needing function? These are good questions to consider. 

For example, the oh so talented Ginny Macdonald mixed three types of light fixtures; a sconce, chandelier, and table lamp. She kept the color scheme similar among the fixtures, but incorporated different shapes and styles to give it variation. This is a great example of form meeting function because they are spread out and serve a purpose for each area of the room.

Ginny Macdonald Jaclyn Johnson Office Built In Cabinets Scaled

Design by Ginny Macdonald | Photography by Sara Tramp

Tip #3

Do not be afraid to try something new. Lighting is a signature investment that has the power to give your space the greatest visual transformation! Consider mixing in a a more unique piece amongst other light fixtures in the space to make a statement. 

04 13 21 Kes Rue 3

Design by Kara Smith of KES Studio | Photography by Karyn Millett


Design by Black Lacquer Design | Photography by Mary Costa

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