14 January 2022

Do you walk into your home and think it never quite feels “right” or “finished”? If you have been designing your home room by room, we have a few tips to consider before you start tackling your next space!

The Right Color Scheme

One of the first steps in creating cohesiveness is to define a color scheme.  Without it, your home can feel disjointed and rooms will not flow from one space to the next.  You can use the 60-30-10 color rule and find colors you love and will use consistently. 60% is your dominant color for larger items like walls, floors or furniture; 30% a secondary color for rugs, window treatments or accent chairs and 10% is the accent color for small accessories, pillows or trims.


Design by Bandd Design    Photography by Molly Culver

Mix It Up

You want your design to look and feel intentional, so you should also keep in mind how you mix textures and patterns.  If you’ve collected furniture and accessories over the years it can be hard to blend them together. Try to repeat the colors in your palette and use similar textures and patterns so you lead your eye from space to space.

Austin Josephine Street Dining Nook Design

Design by BANDD DESIGN     Photography by Molly Culver

What’s My Style

Defining your design style is also key! If you know your style and color scheme up front it makes decorating much, much easier. If you tend to choose what you see in trends or what’s on Pinterest, it can result in a bunch of hodge-podge copycat versions and you end of with a bunch of rooms that don’t go together at all.

Hillside Court Modern New Build Design

Design by Bandd Design    Photography by Molly Culver


Now that you understand your design style and have established your color scheme, you need to determine the functionality of each room/space. Do you need a living room that works as an entertainment space and family room? Will the dining room only be used twice a year or every day for homework and zoom calls?

Banddcuestaverde 25

Design by BANDD DESIGN     Photography by Molly Culver

Keep these tips in mind when designing the spaces in your home. It will save you from buying things you might regret and instead help you design a home you love waking up to everyday!

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