9 April 2021

Decorating your home can be pricey. But that’s not to say that beautiful spaces have to break the bank! Here’s our advice for where you should splurge and where you can get away with saving when it comes to home decor.

Dining Chairs

Splurge – Since dining chairs are used frequently and are in a high traffic area, we recommend investing in ones that will hold up. Also, performance fabrics are a major bonus here!

Baand Castleridge 11

Photography by Molly Culver

Side Tables

Save – Side tables are usually only used as a place to put down your drink and make the room feel cohesive, so you can get away with going lower-end for these.

Baand Palmaplaza 5

Photography by Molly Culver


Splurge – This is a piece that you use almost everyday, so you want it to be comfortable and good quality. We suggest going custom with this piece so that it will stand the test of time. 


Photography by Katie Jameson

Console Tables

Save – No need to break the bank when it comes to consoles! They most likely will just serve as a decorative piece so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear. 

Bandd Chloesbloom 19

Photography by Molly Culver


Splurge – It can be rather easy to spot the difference between a high quality vs a low quality rug when it comes to appearance and material. You don’t need to go all out, but I suggest investing a little more here. 

Bandd Chloesbloom 9

Photography by Molly Culver

Coffee Tables

Save – These are often made up of one or two solid materials (wood, metal, stone, etc), which means that you can get away with saving on these as they are rather durable despite the cost. Plus, you can always dress them up with some accessories to create a higher-end look. 

Img 6509

Photography by Katie Jameson


Splurge – This is something that you use every single day and it should be able to last for years to come. No doubt about it. 

Bandd Chloesbloom 28

Photography by Molly Culver

Window Treatments

Splurge – Window treatments, whether that be drapery or shades, can make or break a room. It’s so important to invest in custom window treatments to really make the space feel polished and cohesive.

Baand Castleridge 24

Photography by Molly Culver


Save – Nightstands don’t need to be a big investment when decorating your bedroom. I’ve found tons of super cute bedside tables at vintage/ thrift shops that are high in quality and low in price!

Baand Leander 14

Photography by Molly Culver


Splurge – Sure, there are a lot of cool art prints out there that cost almost nothing. But when it comes to finding a statement piece, I suggest splurging more. Finding the perfect piece of art takes time and is very subjective, so when you find something you love I say buy it! 

Baand Leander 12

Photography by Molly Culver


Save – Unless there is a piece that is super unique that you fell in love with, I say to cut back when it comes to investing in accessories. There are so many beautiful objects available at a reasonable price. 

Banddcuestaverde 27

Photography by Molly Culver

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