10 April 2018

Imagine this scenario: You’ve worked super hard. You’ve saved up your money. Now you’re finally ready to replace those horrible cabinets in your kitchen or get the master bathroom of your dreams.

Sounds super fun right? Now, just wait a dang minute.

It’s not that a home remodel can’t or shouldn’t be the stuff dreams are made of, but more often than not, I find clients aren’t mentally prepared for what is truly in store for them during the remodel process. So, let me break down for you a little bit about what to expect, in five simple steps, before the drop cloth goes down.

Bar table design by BANDD DESIGN, Austin, TX

photo by Katie Jameson

Come in with a plan.

Are you knocking down walls? Are you rearranging a floor plan? Or are you simply doing a cosmetic facelift? No matter how small or large your remodel job, it helps to come in with a detailed game plan on what all you’d like to have done. You can draft a to-do list, hand sketch a rough floorplan of what you are looking for or hire a designer to draw up a detailed plan, along with a 3D render for your new space. The more visual you can get with the plan, the better. This will help your general contractor know exactly what you are expecting and ensures that everyone is speaking the same design language.

Screen Shot 2018 04 10 At 12.14.35 Pm

Client Remodel 3D Render by BANDD DESIGN

Hire a team you trust.

Maybe you’re feeling like you can do it all on your own. I’m not saying you can’t, but think about the people who work on remodels ALL THE TIME. They know how to design, schedule and anticipate issues that you may not have even considered. Better yet, they can provide you with quality work that even a novice can’t replicate. Either way, considering a reputable team to help you through your project can make the process so much smoother. A designer can help you source a contractor or laborers to do the work. They can also update the look of your space so that it fits into the style of your home. I cannot tell you how much it drives me crazy to be able to quickly pinpoint a remodel in a home. A remodel shouldn’t look like a remodel! It should feel like it was always part of the home. Hiring a team you trust can keep you in line there.

Img 0224

A living room remodel in progress by BANDD DESIGN

Pick EVERYTHING before you start.

I should list this as the #1 reason remodels go awry. Before a single hammer is swung, you should have every material selected and on order. Even if it’s not in your contractor’s hands yet, you need to know where every new piece of material is coming from. This includes every light fixture, tile, paint colors, cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures. EVERYTHING. If you delay making material selections, you run the risk of selecting something that takes weeks to get in. If your crew is sitting around waiting for materials to arrive, you can sure bet they are going to leave to take another job while they’re waiting…and guess what? You might not see them again. The crew wants to move fast and you want them to move fast, so do everyone a favor and pick everything out first.

Screen Shot 2018 04 10 At 12.17.55 Pm

Client Remodel 3D Render by BANDD DESIGN

Remember the Art Rule.

OK, so I’ll be honest. This is totally a rule I made up but it is so applicable to remodels. You know when you see a painting that is only half finished and it looks like a total mess? Or ladies, what about when you are getting your makeup or hair done and you catch a glimpse in the mirror of the work in progress. Looks pretty shocking right? But in the end, it looks amazing. That’s because there is a method to the artistic madness. The same can be said for remodel projects. It’s going to look like a total mess until the very last step. Do not make yourself crazy with every little spot on the floor. Make a note of what needs to be touched up before the crew leaves, but know that it will also be a little crazy looking until you get there.

Img 0352

Typical remodel mess!

Try not to stress.

I know. I know. Seems highly unlikely, right? But before you start your remodel, mentally prepare yourself for a mess, loud noises, living in cramped/uncomfortable/different spaces. With almost every remodel I do, the client at some point gets weary and just wants it done. They start making rash decisions and cutting corners. Let me tell you now…I know you don’t want to see us every day. I know you want to have a beautiful home to showcase in time for Thanksgiving. I know you just want life to get back to normal. But if you’re going to do it. Do it right. Even if it means a little more time out of your comfort zone. Don’t cut corners because of stress. You are going to be living with this space for (most likely) a long time, so be sure you are totally happy with the end result. You’ll soon forget all of the people who were bouldering their way through your pretty new home.

Seating area decor in Austin, TX by BANDD DESIGN

photo by Tyler Schmitt

With these 5 steps for surviving a remodel, I promise you are on the path to the home of your dreams. And if you want to talk about any upcoming remodel projects you’re contemplating, I am happy to give you some (specific) sage advice. Contact me here.



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