13 November 2020

We’re constantly getting asked about what it’s like to work with an interior designer and what to know about the process beforehand. If you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer, here’s the top three things that you should know before to help things run more smoothly.

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Photography by Molly Culver

1. Good Things Take Time

Beautiful and thoughtfully curated spaces don’t just happen overnight. Unless your designer is involved with some sort of HGTV show where they miraculously makeover your entire home in just a few days. One of the most important things to understand before hiring an interior designer is that it takes time and the process can feel long, but it is worth every second. Of course, you’re excited to live in a stunning home that was created just for you! But the truth is that a lot of thought goes into every little detail when designing a space, and we aren’t just sourcing pieces from a fast-furniture shop. Trust the process and know that good things take time.

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Photography by Molly Culver

2. Scope Of The Project

Are you looking for all new furnishings? Want to bring in some new pieces to work with your current decor? Maybe paint your kitchen cabinets and change the backsplash? Building a new home and need help from concept to completion? There are so many different aspects to consider when deciding which services you’ll need from your interior designer.

It’s exceptionally helpful to know exactly what you’re looking to do in your space and what all you will be needing help with. Of course, some additional changes may occur throughout the design process and you might realize that you want wallpaper along with your new furnishings, and that’s no biggie. Even if there are some changes to the plan, the more you know about what you need, the more time and money you can save in the end.

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3. How Involved You Want To Be

It’s extremely helpful to know upfront what the client expectations are. Some like to collaborate and overlook every detail throughout the process, and some choose to hand over the reins a little more and let us decide what works best for them. Both are completely fine to do with a designer, but just be sure to let them know at the beginning of the process so that they know how involved you’d like to be, what level of communication is needed, and how hands on they should be. Either way you prefer, your designer will still let you make the final decisions on the space in the end and won’t just be taking your credit card and going on a shopping spree for your home (yes, this is a common misconception).

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