19 November 2021

Do you ever look through décor magazines, Pinterest, even HGTV, wishing your kitchen looked like that! Then you ask yourself, but where and how would I even start?

When it comes to designing your home, we know what we like but we’re not always sure how to pull it all together. This is where an interior designer comes in…they can not only save you time & money but lots of stress and headaches along the way. Here are 5 reasons to consider hiring an interior designer:

Kitchen OverallDesign by Bandd Design  Photography by Molly Culver

What’s The Plan

How can you you make the most of the space? How much will you need to spend, what are some areas you can save or splurge? This is one of the most essential ways a designer can help you – crafting a design plan within a budget.  It takes a certain skill level, experience and knowledge knowing where and how to spend your money. A designer can also suggest other design plans or propose designs that you may not have thought of. They are also experienced project managers, they can sequence your project with the required trades to minimize disruptions and impacts to your day-to-day life.

Bandd Castleridge 3

Design by Bandd Design Photography by Molly Culver

That Costs How Much?!

DIY doesn’t always translate to “saving me money”. It can actually create more problems than it solves.  (It can also cost you more than the designer’s fee to redo the project). An experienced designer can see what you can’t and can visualize the details and know what steps to take in order to make the project go smoothly and within budget.

Westlake Hillside Court Exterior Design

Adding Value

An interior designer has an expert eye and can come up with ideas and solutions you would never think of. If you go to a kitchen company or flooring store,  most likely they are not considering the entire space. An interior designer, however, can give you impartial advice with your best interest for the overall project.

Bandd Bigbrown 4

Design by Bandd Design  Photography by Molly Culver

A New Set of Eyes

At some point, we all become blind to our surroundings and miss the opportunity to see our homes objectively. We get too fixated on making small adjustments here and there. Hiring an interior designer brings a fresh set of eyes that can assess the possibilities of your space!  Their experience and expertise can deliver even the simplest changes that can make a big impact in everyday living.

Hillside Court Westlake Upscale Interior Design

Design by Bandd Design  Photography by Molly Culver

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