3 October 2022

Do you often wish your home had that “designer look”? That, “how can give my home that designer touch without breaking the bank?” Just what is it that gives a home that perfect look and feel we all strive for? 

Some spaces have a certain luxury appeal that makes them seem special, they have a look and feel that is thoughtfully curated. While it’s hard to define this design magic, the good news is there are a few tips I can share with you to get close. Check them out!

Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN

No Clutter

First, above all else, you need to declutter. Do it before anything else, it goes a very long way on the path to make your home look expensive. And when do you ever see a well designed space that’s full of clutter….never! 


Next, consider lighting, it can brighten your home and make it look and feel more spacious. My favorite go-to light bulb is soft white, it creates the perfect glow. Create layers by adding ambient lighting, and/or task lighting can make a difference. For example, wall sconces above your bed for a custom look. Another look is updating your window treatments. It might be new drapery to help ground the space from ceiling to floor. 

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Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN


Grouping together similar items and placing them in an attractive way can add personality to your home. They allow you to showcase your unique style and make your home feel like a reflection of you. And they not only make your space pulled together, it also helps keep your items from looking cluttered!  A 2-for-1!

Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN

Replace Hardware

One of the easiest ways to give your home that designer touch is by replacing your hardware. This includes door knobs, drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and even towel bars and toilet paper holders. It can give your home that designer touch and bring your home up to date with a simple new finish! 

One trick to keep in mind when shopping for new hardware, is be sure you choose pieces that match your decor. You don’t want to mismatch different styles and end up with a cluttered look. Also, be sure to buy high-quality hardware that will last for years. 

Camelot Austin Bathroom Twin Sink Design

Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN

Hang drapes high

When hanging window treatments like drapes, it is important to hang them high. This will make your home look more expensive and give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Drapes that are hung too low can make a room look smaller and more cramped.

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