14 August 2020

How is it August already?! This summer sure did fly by. It’s back to school season, but this school year is a little (actually a lot) different than other years. Many of us will be schooling our kiddos from home and serving double duty as a parent and a teacher. Having a designated place for your children to work at is so important because it helps them have a space to focus, get creative, and know that it’s time to work. Below you can find some of our favorite kid’s work from home setups!

Co1 Ws12

Design by Collective Studio | Photography by Kiely Ramos

I cannot get enough of this kids workspace! Between having the built-in desk with extra storage, minimalistic desk chairs, and fun bookshelf printed wallpaper, this room perfectly balances the concept of having a playful, kid-oriented feel while also looking polished.


Design by Regan Baker | Photography by Suzanna Scott

Online school work tends to consist of mostly reading and writing based learning, but not everyone learns best that way. I think that it can be very beneficial to mix in some auditory and hands-on teaching methods to make sure that your child is staying engaged and taking in the information in a way that they understand clearly. Adding in a chalkboard or chalk paint to a wall is a fun and interactive way for both you and your child to learn more visually!

2019 0916 Chrissymarie 021

Design & Photo by Chrissy Marie Blog

When it comes to kids, they either love reading or struggle to enjoy it. Incorporating a display for books is an exciting and intriguing way to getting them more interested in reading! Plus, this makes their home workspace feel more like they’re at school.

Design Kirsten Maltas Interiors Photo Tessa Neustadt

Design by Kirsten Maltas | Photography by Tessa Neustadt

I’m really diggin’ this built-in desk and office shelving. I love how all the millwork is bright white, so that it’s a clean slate to use as the kid’s grow older. With the simplicity of this look, you can add in fun kid’s accessories like you see here, but can also change out the decor to look more mature as they get older.

Chango & Co | Photography By Sarah Elliot

Design by Chango & Co. | Photography by Sarah Elliot

Creating a reading area is a great idea because it allows your kiddos to move into a different space and get a change of scenery, which with their short attention spans can be extremely helpful. Also, I love all of the fun colors and prints used in this kid’s nook! Don’t be afraid to go all out with colors and patterns! This is a kid’s room, right?! The visual interest will help their minds stay stimulated. 

Blesser House

Design & Photography by Bless’er Home

If you have several kids doing their schoolwork from home, having a community table is an excellent idea for getting them to work collaboratively. Plus, check out all that storage for toys, games, and supplies!


Design by Turner Pocock

I love the idea of incorporating a corkboard or pinboard so that the kiddos can decorate or display their artwork, A+ school work, and some encouraging words of wisdom! Bringing those supportive aspects of the classroom home will help with making them feel motivated and proud of themselves.

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