9 January 2019

Note from Sara: Hello lovelies! Now that 2019 is upon us, I wanted to incorporate more of the BANDD over here at the blog. You’ve already heard from Mackenzie and today we are throwing Dana into the mix. Dana is not only a talented writer and the guy who makes sure we are operating at full speed, but he is also crazy enough to be married to me! Dana is not only launching a new series for us, called Digging The Design where we explore wide-ranging styles in the design world, but he is giving us his masculine take on the ever-requested Man Cave. Enjoy!

I want to let you in on some insider knowledge. A man’s time-honored and coveted room in the house for relaxation and occasional escape is more than just a ‘Man Cave’. Whether you’re a father with little kids racing around the house or a bachelor who spends his time out on the town, there’s no reason why your ‘Man Cave’ has to be limited to a few pieces left over from the good old days.

Make the most out of your space and invest in a few signature pieces for when you want to sit back and watch a movie or play your favorite video game. Relaxing doesn’t have to be to confines of your beanbag chair from high school. Find your true synergy with comfort and style with a relaxing sectional.

Drippings Springs Family Retreat Media Room Interior Design
image by Molly Culver

While the essentials are well, necessary, it’s important that you don’t forget to accessorize. Accessories help highlight your space, bring out your personality and serve as good conversation pieces. Fill your coffee table with indispensable coffee table books but add a candle or two to balance out your space.

image via Home Bunch

Embrace color. While a nice shade of grey or blue goes a long way, break out of your comfort zone and explore the richness of different colors that can help articulate your space.

Image via Reid Arcade

Bring everything together with a few final touches like quality drapery and a durable rug that will make the whole family want to hang out in your Man Cave and consider yourself the trendsetter of the family.

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