20 March 2018

Note from Sara: Hey guys! From time to time, we’ll have other BANDD members and friends of the BANDD dropping into guest post. Today, we’ve got my lovely blog buddy, Taylor Giardina stopping by to share some tips on incorporating that scary 5-letter word in to your life: COLOR!

The days of gray are finally over, and pops of color are starting to make their way back into our homes! Of course, changing up your color scheme can be a little intimidating- what if you aren’t ready to fully commit to a certain shade?

Luckily, there are a ton of easy ways to dip your toes into the color pool, without going overboard. Here are some of the simplest tricks for adding vibrancy to your home, without any major renovations!


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photo by Katie Jameson

Tips for a more colorful bedroom

A Canopy over the bed:

Adding a splash of color above the bed is easy with a canopy. All you need are two curtain panels in your favorite shade, a curtain rod, and a steady hand. Place the panels around a hoop for a more playful look. Tuck the fabric behding the headboard for an easy, yet elegant pop of color.


Kids Room

photo via Paul et Paula

Bedside table makeover:

If you’ve got bland wooden or white nightstands, give them an easy facelift with your favorite shade of paint. This lovely navy shade goes with almost everything, and some pretty hardware makes this little piece really stand out.


photo via Dwellings by Devore

Add a rug under the bed:

A rug under the bed won’t just add a splash of color, but also brings an element of warmth to your space. Go with a simple pattern that compliments your existing bed linens, or a bold statement rug that brightens up the room.

Master bedroom interior design in Austin, TX by BANDD DESIGN

photo by Katie Jameson

Tips for a more colorful kitchen

Show off your pretty kitchen gear:

Why not brighten up the kitchen with some stuff you already have? Chances are you’ve got a colorful appliance (KitchenAid wedding gift, anyone?), pitcher or glassware that you only bring out once in a while. Let these colorful items shine by displaying them on your countertop, window seal or dining table. Who knows, you may even start using them more!


photo via Brittany Robertson Designs

Brighten up the inside of cabinets:

This is a great idea for people who love a colorful kitchen but aren’t exactly on board with the bright blue cabinet trend. You can paint them on the inside with your favorite shade, or use a colorful contact paper to line the shelves. You’ll be surprised at how often you find yourself smiling when you reach for a plate!


photo via A Beautiful Mess

Tips for a more colorful living room

Accessories, accessories, accessories:

You can easily add pops of color to your living room with your accessories. Things like coffee table books, picture frames, and even fresh flowers are cost-effective ways to try out a new color, and they’re easy to change up throughout the seasons.


photo via Hi Sugarplum

Large, colorful artwork:

Not ready for a splash of colorful new paint on the walls? Try using a large canvas with a few of your favorite shades to get the look minus the commitment. Place it in a pretty frame that compliments your existing decor and you’ve got a recipe for a stylish room.


photo by Madeleine Landry

Grow some roots with indoor plants:

Houseplants will bring some needed green into your space, but the options are endless when it comes to colorful, stylish planters. They’re the perfect addition to an otherwise useless corner, and you’ll be relieved to know certain species (like succulents) don’t have to be watered too often.


photo via West Elm

With these 8 simple ideas, you should be able to work some fun color into your home in no time. Don’t be afraid to repurpose old things with fresh paint, or go with a bold color you’ve had your eye on for awhile. Design is all about having fun, so go ahead and make a color splash!

Have fun coloring,

Taylor is an LA-based writer, who shares her obsession with classic interior design and travel at flourishmentary.com.


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