5 February 2021

Each year, Pantone announces their “color of the year” which is forecasted based off of the popular trends in all areas of design for that year. Back in December, they announced not only one, but two, colors of the year for 2021 – ultimate gray and illuminating yellow. This color choice has much more meaning this year than ever, as these shades were carefully chosen to express a feeling of strength and hopefulness after a rough, uncertain year. To me, the gray resembles a rather gloomy year, ya know, with the pandemic and all. While the sunshine yellow symbolizes a bright future ahead and a joyful, cheery outlook on the months ahead.

With everyone spending a lot more time at home, I think that we could benefit from incorporating these colors into our spaces, since this bold yellow sparks a feeling of excitement and joyfulness and the gray brings a calm, soothing ambiance. Considering gray is an easy neutral to work with, we’re going to be focusing on the trickier color, illuminating yellow. Whether you want to mix this shade in subtly or go bold, your friends over here at BANDD are here to tell you how you can incorporate this color into your home.

Design By Black Lacquer Design

Design by Black Lacquer Design | Photography by Kyle Ortiz


Since this shade of yellow is very bold and bright, my favorite way to incorporate it into a space is by using it as a statement piece. If you’re looking to stay more on the subtle side and just add in a pop of yellow, the best way to do this is through artwork, throw pillows, decorative accessories, or light fixtures. Bright yellow pairs beautifully with other bold colors, such as reds, pinks, and greens.

Design By Regan Baker

Design by Regan Baker Design | Photography by Suzanna Scott

Design By Angela Chrusciaki Blehm

Design by Angela Chrusciaki Blehm | Photography by Sarah Dorio

Go Bold

For a bigger statement, consider using this color on furnishings, as a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, or wall paint to really make your space catch the eye. My personal favorite is using it on tiles. It gives off such a vibrant, unique feel and really brightens in the room.

Cle Tile

Photo via Clé Tile

Design By Noé Prades Studio

Design by Noé Prades Studio | Photography by Yannina Mazzei

Design By Old Brand New

Design & Photography by Old Brand New

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