6 August 2021

As the newer, modern era of design continues to develop and intensify in its clean lines, minimalist ideals, and deeper neutral colors; trends are ever changing. Quite a few have been around for years and are finally starting to fall off the grid, especially as older homes get remodeled. If you feel that your home looks dated, you might want to take a look at the list below. We’ve included timeless and tasteful alternatives to these trends to keep your home feeling fresh! 

White Kitchen Appliances

Dated Kitchen White Fridge

Nothing makes a home look and feel more dated than white appliances. Stainless steel and panel ready appliances are quickly taking their place bringing a more industrial, upscale look to any kitchen design. White refrigerators now-a-days are best left in the garage for sodas and beer, and that dishwasher has got to go.

10 14 19 Roomswelove Schumakerdesign 02

Design & Construction by Shumaker Design + Build Associates | Photography by Suzanne Shumaker

Mass-Produced Decorative Accents


That one geometric rug. Rae Dunn typewriter font. Absolutely anything chevron. These things all seemed like a good idea at one point in time, but buyer’s remorse is no joke, and you may start to feel it for these items. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good HomeGoods find, but Rae Dunn products scream “I don’t know how to decorate”. I promise you, not everything in your home needs to be labeled. Same goes for the overused geometric patterned rugs and chevron wallpaper, fabric, etc.

Instead of impulsively buying into the trends, since they change drastically, focus on your design intention. Choosing timeless pieces that are more your style are a better move, especially in common areas that more people will see. Antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces of art are my favorite ways to decorate a space uniquely. 

Dsc 1819 2 2 Min 1335x2000

Design by Cortney Bishop | Photography by Katie Charlotte

Tuscan & Spanish Style Kitchens

Screen Shot 2021 08 05 At 2.49.22 Pm

We see a lot of these here in Austin and we’re constantly getting requests to remodel Tuscan and Spanish styled kitchens to bring in a more clean and contemporary look. While these kitchens are beautiful, with everyone now wanting a minimalist design in their homes, this style of kitchen can feel a bit heavy and overbearing. 

In our Small Drive Remodel, we transformed this Spanish-style kitchen to feel more updated and modernized by changing the layout, incorporating lighter wood tones, pops of color, and sleek materials. The beams and stone throughout the home were kept, paying a subtle-nod to the latin roots of the home.

Kitchen Overall

Kitchen Angle Toward Powder Rm

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Ryann Ford

Textured Ceilings

Textured Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings, popular in the late 90’s, is the dreaded spray-on ceiling treatment, guilty of making any space look extremely outdated. Sure it can hide perfections like no other, and has good acoustic qualities, but this trend is dead and gone.

Instead of these textured ceilings, try turning to other intricate ceiling designs like using beams, ceiling wallpaper, paint, or tray ceiling elements.

Bandd Design Wallpapered Ceilings 683x1024

Design by Shop Skout | Photography by Ryan Garvin

Glass Block Bathroom Windows

Screen Shot 2021 08 05 At 1.39.57 Pm

Here is one not specific to a common area of the house: glass block or frosted glass windows. Yes, they help bring light into a functional bathroom space with the privacy aspect being the most desirable reason for using these types of windows, but they have been dying out for years and we need to finally call it.

Skylights are a much more modern alternative, allowing the same idea of light entering the space without the dated look glass blocks and frosted glass give off.


Design by Studio Prineas | Photography by Chris Warnes

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Design by Gia Renovations

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