16 January 2019

Note from Sara: Hi Friends! I’ve got another BANDD member jumping in on the blog today. Hillary, our Project-Manager-to-the-Stars is here to share with you some of her favorite ideas for having kid-friendly decor. She’s got three little nuggets of her own, so she’s well versed in this area! Enjoy…

sunbrella playroom

image by Katie Jameson

When you think of a house full of young kids, you probably envision toys thrown about, shoes piled in a heap, and furniture that looks like it has seen better days.  I am pretty sure no one’s mind went straight to a beautiful and stylish home…. But I am here to say that is a very possible reality!

There are some important things to consider when designing around kids, but the two main things you need to keep in mind are durability and storage.  First and foremost, DURABILITY! This applies to many items in your home.

Megan Martin Creative sofa

image via Megan Martin Creative

FABRICS:  Kids are messy!  When selecting a sofa or reupholstering your dining chairs, select a fabric that has washable or stain resistant fabric.  Brands like SunbrellaPerennials, and Crypton make a plethora of amazing family-friendly fabrics.  Dare I say that you could even have an off-white couch with a toddler? Yes, I’m saying exactly that!

Theeverygirl Danielle Moss Home Tour Chicago Web 112

image via The Everygirl

FURNITURE: Kids are rough and rowdy, so opt for more durable materials such as metal and wood and incorporate glass in smaller touches here and there.  Don’t buy a glass top coffee table when you know you will be worried about it breaking on a daily basis. Add glass or ceramics in the form of candle holders and accessories.

STORAGE: Kids have a lot of stuff and I swear it multiplies while they sleep! Use baskets to camouflage the everyday necessities.  Find places that items seem to congregate, like shoes by the front door and throw them into a basket.   Sneak in some extra storage in bedrooms with pull out draws below your beds to store odds and ends. For your year-round athlete’s sports gear, create a space to store it from season to season.

MAKE IT SPECIAL: we all know your kids live there too, so make little pieces special.  Frame that simple but sweet picture your kid’s kindergarten teacher sent home and add it to your dining room gallery wall.  It will make your child part of your home design like you never thought possible and it will make the little ones feel super proud!

At the end of the day, no “thing” in your house is worth more than your kids. Live your life, enjoy your things but prepare for the oopsies that will inevitably happen in everyday life!

Happy Designing,


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