14 February 2020

Whether you have little ones, pets, love red wine, or are just a tad bit clumsy and tend to spill here and there, we want to introduce you to your new best friend, performance fabrics.

This type of fabric is basically magic, as it is made up of fibers that have inherent stain and moisture resistant qualities. Most fabric lines carry performance fabrics which are usually trademarked with names such as “Crypton Home”, “Dura-Bella”, and “Sunbrella”. Performance fabrics can include different features, but in general any spill or stain on them can be blotted out by using either water or a mild cleaning solution. However, some brands have options that can be cleaned by using bleach – yes, bleach! Other benefits that performance fabrics can feature include resistance to odor, wrinkles, mildew, bacteria, chemicals, static, piling, and abrasion. Performance fabrics first made their debut in outdoor furniture, as they are designed to block against UV exposure and resist high temperatures (which makes them great for indoor furniture that sits in the sun!). Nowadays, we can find a lot more styles and variety in these fabrics in comparison to when they were first introduced. Also, you don’t have to worry about there being a noticeable difference between a performance fabric and a traditional upholstery fabric in regards to how soft and comfortable it is.

Considering that these fabrics are composed of more complex fibers than your average fabric, they are a little more pricey, but so worth your extra buck! Investing in a performance fabric is basically like having insurance, but for your furniture. In the end you’ll be saving money because you won’t have to replace your furniture every couple of years due to wear and tear. Back when Sara’s youngest daughter had discovered red lipstick, she was extremely grateful that she had upholstered her sofa with a performance fabric and that the lipstick stain came out within just a couple of seconds of blotting it with a baby wipe. We suggest using these fabrics in high-traffic areas in your home, such as your living room sofa, kitchen seating, and outdoor rugs. Since these fabrics are high quality and are going to last you a long time, we recommend using them on pieces that are durable & well built so that they will keep up with the lifespan of the upholstery.

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