9 October 2020

We are just absolutely loving this crisp Autumn weather here in Austin (that we only get for an hour or two before the 85 degree heat wave kicks in)! This season is all about rich, earthy tones that make you feel warm and cozy. Everyone at BANDD knows that I am obsessed with deep greens. Emerald and forest green have taken over in my home and wardrobe – I just can’t get enough of this color, especially for Fall! Below you can find some inspiration for how to incorporate beautiful deep greens into your space.

My favorite way to use this color in designs is to go all out with it and make a statement! It looks gorgeous in just about any space and works with so many styles thanks to its modern, earthy, and timeless qualities. 

Let your kitchen be the star of the show by painting your cabinets deep green for a bold, moody look. To balance out the look, mix this color with some warmer touches, such as wood accents and brass hardware.

Design & Photography By Jenna Sue Design Co.

Design & Photography by Jenna Sue Design Co.

You really can’t go wrong with a bold color in a bathroom, am I right?! You can incorporate a deep green palette in your bathroom through tiles, wallpaper, and paint.

Design By Soho House | Photography By Sebastian Boettcher

Design by Soho House | Photography by Sebastian Boettcher

Design By Chelsea Hing | Photography By Rhiannon Taylor

Design by Chelsea Hing | Photography by Rhiannon Taylor

Deep green furnishings are the perfect way to add some color into your space and create a focal point in the room. For those of you who like a more glam and chic look, go with an emerald green since jewel tones tend to have more of a luxurious feel. For a more transitional, timeless look, go for a dark sage or forest green. This color looks stunning in living rooms and dining rooms, and pairs beautifully with natural elements such as wood, marble, and leather.

Design By Stephen Sills | Photography By Donna Dotan

Design by Stephen Sills | Photography by Donna Dotan

Lifestyle Session With Architectural And Interior Designer Katie Hackworth In Medina As Photographed Form Jenni Kayne Seattle Lifestyle Photographer Anna Peters

Design by Katie Hackworth | Photography by Anna Peters

Design By Arent & Pyke

Design by Arent & Pyke | Photography by Felix Forest

If you’re looking to stay more on the subtle side with this color, the easiest way to do so is by adding in some pillows and throws! You can also incorporate deep greens into your space through accent pieces, such as side tables, lounge chairs, and rugs.

05 28 19 Hometour Designworthy 12

Design by DESIGNWORTHY | Photography by Margaret Austin

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Image via France & Son for Medium

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