10 December 2021

Adding texture to a space is much more than installing drapery, throw pillows and rugs. Texture is used to add physical, as well as visual, comfort and interest. Without texture, a space can feel flat and lifeless. Below are a few of my favorite How-To’s to give your space the depth and personality it has been missing.

Amber Leaf

Design by Amber Leaf Interiors

Vintage is a Vibe

Nothing is perfect, so loosen the expectation of your furniture being just that. One of my favorite elements to add texture to a design is using a vintage piece of furniture. These furnishings add a warm, earthy element to a space. The imperfections of these pieces invite your guests to touch and feel the history that lives within your home.

Modernluxury Interiors

Design by Modern Luxury Interiors

Flirt with Different Patterns

Pattern is attractive and fun! Whether it’s on a rug or your favorite pillow, a space that contains pattern will feel textured. If multiple patterns feel intimidating, try committing to one pattern and work your way up from there. This will create an ever changing space that grows as you do!


Design by Ken Fulk

Tie in Tile

There are so many different ways you can bring tile into a space whether it be on the floor, wall or used as a backsplash. The use of tile welcomes a beautiful contrast which gives identity to a space. There are already countless textures of tile, anything from cement to stone to brick. On top of selecting a textured tile, you may also gravitate to a patterned tile, that will alone add visual character to the space of your choosing.

Banddcuestaverde 35 Edit

Design by Bandd Design

Get a Little Wild

Consider using leathers, wools, and furs to bring in different textures. If your space is craving dimension and warmth, try adding in a leather lounge chair or ottoman. On the flip side, if you find your space is lacking personality, wools and furs will always add a touch of life.


Design by Mieke then Have  Photography by Douglas Friedman

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