19 June 2020

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer and we couldn’t be more excited to bring a fresh, summery feel into our homes! We love this season because it’s full of beautiful colors, textures, and materials. Here’s some ways that you can bring summer into your home this year.

Whites & Neutrals

Nothing embodies that bright, summery feel like a neutral palette does! Layering bright whites and neutral tones throughout a room is absolutely stunning and really gives the space that fresh, timeless Summer look. Plus, a neutral palette helps keep the space light during those warm Summer months – or if you’re in Texas like us, those scorching hot Springs, Summers, and Autumns.

Photo By Lulu & Georgia

Image via Lulu & Georgia

Bring The Outdoors In

When I think about summer, I think of all of the beautiful florals and greenery that flourish during the season. Bring that nature in by adding fresh or faux flowers and plants around your home to give it some life! We also love incorporating plants and florals in prints, such as on a piece framed art, wallpaper, or throw pillows.

Photography By Stephen Busken

Image via Lonny Mag | Photography by Stephen Busken

Light Materials

Summer-ready spaces are all about feeling light and airy. Incorporating lighter materials into your home will help you achieve that fresh, summery look. For an easy transition into the season, swap out your usual throw pillows or bedding with ones that are linen or cotton. These light fabrics also look great when used on furnishings and really bring in a crisp, delicate feel. Sheers are also a great fabric to use for drapery to make the room feel flowy and soft. Light woods, such as white oak and maple, can really help bring Summer vibes into your home. We love to use these materials for furnishings like coffee tables, consoles, and seating, but also for kitchens and millwork!

BANDD Design Interiors

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

Color Punch

My favorite way to bring a Summer vibe into my home is by adding a pop of color! Bright, vivid colors such as bold pinks, corals, and kelly greens always remind me of summertime. You can incorporate these colors into your space by adding in some throw pillows, decorative accessories, light fixtures, and paint. If you don’t want to commit to painting your whole wall, try adding a bold pop of color to your window panes to give the room in a little extra oomph! Another fun way to add in some bold Summer colors is to use them on tiles for flooring or a backsplash.

Rattan, Cane, & Wicker – Oh My!

Rattan, cane, and wicker are total staples for this season. They always give me a tropical, bohemian kind of feel and since we’re in the midst of a global pandemic and won’t be doing a whole lot of traveling this Summer, we might as well bring some vacation vibes into our homes! These materials look stunning as pendant lights, dining chairs, counter stools, and accent seating.

BANDD Design Interiors

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

Bring In The Blues

Every Summer we’re surrounded by beautiful blues – the bright blue sky, swimming pools, ocean water, all of it! Adding in some touches of blue to your space really makes your home feel cool, dreamy, and ready for the summertime. If you’re wanting a more coastal, beachy look, use light blues and teals. For a more striking look, use bolder blues like cobalt and azure to really make the space pop.

Design By Chango & Co Blue Room

Design By Chango & Co | Photography by Raquel Langworthy

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