16 July 2021

First impressions are so important, and the front of your home sets the tone for the rest of the interior waiting inside. Whether you’re planning on selling or staying, having curb appeal is essential for having a beautiful, inviting home. We’ve rounded up a few tips that will help you increase your curb appeal!

Deep Clean

First things first, do a thorough deep clean. This includes pressure washing the driveway/walkways, washing the windows, and tidying up the garden by mowing the lawn and removing any random branches and leaves. Just cleaning up your exterior will already give it a fresh look!

Devon Grace Exterior

Architecture by Louis Banks | Build by Tom Len Custom Homes | Design by Devon Grace Interiors | Photography by Dustin Forest

Create Contrast

The entire exterior of your home shouldn’t be completely drenched in just a single paint color. Instead, paint your door and window trim a darker color, such as black or gray, to create contrast and define the home’s details. 

To go a bit bolder and more modern, consider painting your garage and/or wing off of your house a contrasting color as well. I am obsessed with this design by Timber Trails Development Company and how they used white and charcoal gray paint, along with black trim and finishes to draw the eye across the home’s exterior.

Update Hardware + Fixtures

Those outdated, builders-grade fixtures just aren’t doing it for ya anymore; it’s time to upgrade! This might seem like a drop in the puddle in the grand scheme of curb appeal, but I promise you that these little details make a big difference. Replace your address numbers, doorknob, hardware, and porch light fixtures with a sleeker, more contemporary option. 

215+edgewood+dr 1 Edit

Build by Willow Homes | Photography by Tommy Daspit

Paint The Front Door

The front door is basically the centerpiece of a home, so you might as well let it speak for itself by adding a fun pop of color or making a statement with some contrast. Just be sure to purchase the right type of paint, since this is a high traffic area and outdoors. I recommend using an exterior primer, followed by a semi-gloss paint. 

Image Copy

Image via BH&G | Photography by Werner Straube

Symmetry + Decor

Our eyes are naturally drawn to symmetry, so if you’re wanting your home to catch the attention of others, create a balanced vignette with your decor. Of course, the entire home and front yard are most likely not going to be symmetrical and that is nothing to worry about. However, creating consistency is key. Frame your front door with decorative planters or lanterns, and keep the florals and greenery cohesive with one another.

Beautiful Homes Arcadia In Phoenix Arizona 2

Build by Rafterhouse | Photography by Roehner + Ryan

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