28 August 2020

We all have those empty spaces in our homes that we just don’t know what to do with. Whether it be a lonely corner, an awkward nook, or a blank wall there’s always a solution to make use of it! Below you can find some of our favorite ways to make awkward, unused spaces more stylish and functional.

Make It Boozy

If there’s a blank space somewhere around your dining room or living room, you really can’t go wrong with adding in a bar cart. Not only does it fill up the empty space in a stylish way, but it’s perfect for entertaining and all your boozy needs! Style your bar cart with some nice glassware, trendy bar tools, and artwork to really dress up the space.

BANDD Design Bar Cart

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

Staircase Sanctuary

One of my favorite ways to add a cozy, custom feel to a space is to turn that open spot underneath a staircase into a daybed. To achieve this look, I recommend having the daybed built-in so that it fits the nook – you could also have drawers put in for extra storage! Since this is it’s own little space, you can go for a cushion that has a fun print or color to add a little extra visual appeal. Finish off the look by adding in throw pillows and a sconce to make it that much cozier.

Design By Brooke Wagner | Photography By Ryan Garvin

Design by Brooke Wagner | Photography by Ryan Garvin

Mini Work Station

Since a lot of us weren’t expecting to be working from home this long and are in need of a make-shift work station, using that empty space in your home for a desk is oh-so necessary! Add a built-in desk, a stool or desk chair, and some floating shelves to fully utilize that space as your new work area.

10 14 19 Hometour Reenasotropa 02

Design by Reena Sotropa | Photography by Phil Crozier

Cozy Up That Corner

Is that corner of the room looking a little bare? Some accent seating and decor should do the trick! One option could be a vintage chair and a gallery wall for a more decorative approach. Or if you’re looking for a more functional setup, add in a chaise lounge, side table, and lamp to turn that corner into a reading nook. For those smaller corners, a little bench or stool paired with framed artwork helps fill up that empty space in a stylish way.

Design By Becky Shea

Design by Becky Shea | Photography by Sean Litchfield

Img 6625

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Katie Jameson

A hanging swing chair is also a great option for cozying up an empty corner – especially in kids rooms!

Drippingspringshouse 27

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

Window Nook

Take advantage of that natural light and use your window as a reading nook. Having a built-in daybed or seat in front of a window looks stunning and really adds a personal, comforting element to the space.

Studiomcgee Gustafson 072 Preview

Design by Studio McGee

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