10 July 2020

I went down a rabbit hole on social media recently and somehow ended up reading that people spend an average of 30 years of their lives in bed, whether that be sleeping or trying to fall asleep, which to me is crazy! Since we spend this much time in our beds, there’s no reason why your bedroom shouldn’t be the ultimate sanctuary – your own personal place to relax and feel rejuvenated. But we don’t all have the luxury of being able to dip into our savings and completely makeover our bedroom. We’re here to help! Below you can find our tips for refreshing your bedroom on a budget.

Declutter & Tidy Up

The simplest (and costless!) way to give your bedroom a refresh is to purge those items that don’t serve a purpose in the space. We’re all guilty of having ‘the chair’ where we just toss clothes or random items on it and forget about putting them away for a while. Look for areas in your bedroom that collect the most clutter and find a solution to keep that spot tidy, like adding in a basket to collect miscellaneous items.

Paint Your Walls

My go-to way to refresh any space if your ballin’ on a budget is to give those walls a fresh coat of paint! Bringing in a new color by painting your walls not only adds dimension and contrast, but it gives the whole room a completely new look. We love to use deep blues and grays for bedrooms because it brings in a feeling of ambiance.


Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

Update Your Headboard

A stylish, quality bed can be SO expensive. Rather than breaking the bank on buying an entirely new bed, consider changing out your headboard. There’s tons of different variations that you can play around with depending on your style and what you’re wanting to change up in your bedroom; such as height, pattern, texture, and color.

Photography By Molly Winters

Design by Meg Lonergan | Photography by Molly Winters

Switch Up The Layout

Changing your furniture layout can give your room a fresh, updated feel to it without having to spend any dough! Depending on where you move your furniture to, it can make your room appear larger or bring in more natural light. A new layout will give the room a different orientation and perspective – almost like you just moved into a new room!

Drippingspringshouse 21

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

Add In Some Mirrors

Mirrors can do wonders for any space, as they create an illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Adding in a mirror or two into your bedroom will help it feel more open and spacious. I personally love to hang mirrors above nightstands on each side of the bed to give the space a more luxurious look.

Invest In An Area Rug

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, an area rug can transform a space and give it that extra cozy element that makes your bedroom feel like your personal sanctuary. A rug can bring in the perfect touch of texture, color and pattern. And not to mention, it makes the whole room look more cohesive and polished. If you don’t already have a rug, this is the one area where you’ll want to spend a little extra. There’s tons of places to find rugs that fit a tight budget – I recommend checking Wayfair, Overstock, Urban Outfitters, and Etsy.

Bandd Leander 13

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

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