23 October 2020

It’s safe to say that we’ve all enjoyed our patios, balconies, and yards a little more this year since it was basically our only way to get outside for some fresh air during the pandemic. Just because the colder months have started creeping in, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your outdoor space still! Below you can find our tips for how to transition your outdoor getaway to be a little extra warm and cozy for those chilly Fall and Winter months.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Design + Photography by Sarah Sherman Samuel

All Things Cozy

Transitioning your outdoor space for Fall and Winter is all about bringing in cozy elements. The easiest way to warm up your space and add in some extra comfortable elements is through some new throw pillows. You can also use them to bring in colors and textures that fit the season. Having throw blankets to bundle up in while you’re outside during the colder months is also a must. Wool and knitted blankets are perfect for keeping you warm on those chilly nights. And of course, we cannot forget the power of poufs! I love adding in poufs to make outdoor spaces more intimate and comfortable, while also being functional by adding some additional seating.

 Porches Domino 5

Design by Emily Henderson | Photography by Sara Tramp

Jenna Sue Design

Design + Photography by Jenna Sue Design


Embrace all types of lighting when getting your outdoor space ready for Fall and Winter. Outdoor sconces, lanterns, and string lights all bring that cozy, whimsical feel. It’s about to start getting darker at an earlier hour of the day, so let there be light!

Show Home Via The Everygirl

Design by Show Home via The Everygirl

Heaters + Fire Pits

An outdoor heater or fire pit is essential for outdoor living during the colder seasons, but finding one that isn’t an eye sore can be a struggle. I love this cement outdoor heater because it keeps you warm while still having a simple, stylish design. Also this low profile fire pit is so chic!

Outdoor Curtains

If your patio isn’t already enclosed with screens or something along those lines, consider adding in some outdoor curtains. Adding curtains will not only help with the cold wind getting into the area, but they will make the space feel cozy and intimate.

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Design by A Beautiful Mess | Photography by Laura Gummerman & Sarah Rhodes

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