10 April 2020

With all of the time we are currently spending at home, you might be going a little stir crazy trying to find ways to occupy your time. You have cleaned your entire home, found a new hobby, learned a Tik Tok dance, but have you thought about your fridge? All of the endless sauces and freezer burned food that you are too scared to go through. A disorganized fridge could lead to waste and that is not what we need right now! You want to be able to see all of the items in your fridge and know exactly what you have to minimize waste! Here are some simple tips on how to organize your fridge.

Storage Bins

Visit Target or The Container Store (online of course) for some Refrigeration bins of all shapes and sizes. Think about containers for your canned drinks, eggs and snack items just to name a few. Be sure to know the measurements of your fridge before purchasing containers so that they fit your shelf depths.

Photography By Matthew Williams

Photography by Matthew Williams

Make It Visually Pleasing & Long Lasting

Take everything out of its packaging. That’s right, everything, even the eggs. It takes up space and is hard on the eyes 100% of the time.

Tip: Place your eggs and milk on the middle/upper shelves, this area is one of the cooler areas and will keep your food lasting longer than if it were in the door.

Photography By Joyelle West

Photography By Joyelle West


Label your containers filled with similar food groups. Use an erasable marker to mark on your drawers. No sticky labels needed!

Image Via Style & Dwell

Image Via Style & Dwell

Stackable Storage

Consider getting containers that are stackable so that you are taking advantage of all the space in your fridge. Adding wine bottle storage will help you maximize space. And you will always have a chilled bottle waiting for 5 o’clock!

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