16 December 2022

The end of the year is close and that means I’m getting closer to my favorite holiday…New Years Eve! Yep, my fav. <insert Sequins here> It also means I’m getting excited to see what’s new and fresh in the interior design world for 2023. So today, I want to share 4 design elements that I’d like to see more of in the coming year!

Ceiling 1

Design by Hygge + West

Wallpapered Ceilings

Often called the ‘5th wall’, the ceiling is often ignored when designing but can actually be a very stylish opportunity. When you dress it up, like this girl’s bedroom, it becomes a fun, playful scene. If you’re thinking of trying this in your home, I would recommend playing with your existing color scheme and make sure the paper compliments other items in the space. 

Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN


I love color! Actual color, friends! It can really tell a story in your home, from bold and vibrant to soft and beautiful. I’m honestly so over all the grey! So try stepping outside your comfort zone, I promise you’ll feel rewarded. 

Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN

Large Scale Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can act like art in a space. It can make a statement by acting as a 3D piece of art that balances the room. Have fun with it, try a few different ideas and don’t be afraid to be bold!

013 Dsc08141

Handmade Tile

The look and feel of handmade tiles can really transform a space. It’s a beautiful material that can instantly makes a room feel luxurious. And most aren’t aware of the customization you can do with handmade tiles. From your best color, to textures and size, you can really get creative and make a one-of-a-kind space. I’m absolutely in love with this beautiful blue tile from Zia Tile


It seems like the New Year is always a fun time to give our homes a fresh new face, update or spin. And if you’re not sure where you should start, I hope this list can jump start your creativity and nudge you toward some fun, approachable and beautiful designs in your home.

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