29 January 2018

Hey friends! I am back to break down a new series I’d like to introduce to y’all. “You Got This” Is all about exploring ways to implement design trends, tips, and styles that may have scared you off in the past. Think — ways to play with color, what mid-century modern means to you and more.

Oftentimes I meet friends, clients, random people on social media who are aware of interior design trends but are completely terrified of them. They think, “Hmmm. I love the way that whatever looks in blah blah blogger’s house, but I just don’t think I am cool/stylish/fancy/rich/whatever enough to pull it off.” Let me tell you…you are! When it comes to design, it is entirely subjective and it should be accessible to anyone. If your eye is attracted to it, then give it a whirl. Even if it’s in teeny, tiny, baby doses to start off.

OK — rant over. Let’s get to the first installment of “You Got This!”, where I explore that mystical Chinese principal of Feng Shui. Wikipedia describes Feng Shui as the “philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment” and while I make no claims to be a Feng Shui expert, there are elements that you can easily implement that will create a calm, harmonious space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Here are four easy ways to achieve that modern balance.

Residential interior design in Austin, TX

Light it up, up, up

Bring in more light! These darker winter months tend to make us feel dreary and weigh us down. If you live in a space without a lot of natural light, this feeling can multiply. Nevermind overhead lighting, which can feel harsh and unsettling to the point that it can really weigh you down. Add plenty of ambient light with lamps and candles around your space to keep the mood bright and positive.

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Rounded edges are the name of the game

Did you know a mega principal of Feng Shui is using rounded, curved edges in your bedroom furniture rather than sharp, squared off corners? It may not be something that immediately comes to mind, but these softer edges create a naturally calmer environment and promote a more restful night’s sleep.

Dining table design by BANDD DESIGN, Austin, TX

Color is back!

I’ve said it before, but design has been so 50 shades of gray for so long. Many of the spaces people wanted were all in one muted gray color palette with no contrast or pops of color. Well in 2018, I am here to say that color is back and in a major way. If you are color shy, incorporate it in small doses like with throw pillows in a light blue or green. Or feeling like you really want to experiment with the Pantone color of the year, ultraviolet? Why not a modern floral arrangement to bring in that color?

Bathroom accessories by BANDD DESIGN in Austin, TX

Declutter for dayz

Close your eyes. Imagine your bathroom counter or the dumping ground by your entryway. It’s probably covered with what feels like millions of little things you need on a daily basis. Take these little items, organize them in a small dish on a tray and voila! You’ve got an organization to your madness. This is important to feel more productive and keep the energy open in your space.

I think I’ve given you enough chew on for now. Watch me share some of my favorite items for dipping your toes in the Feng Shui water here.


Photos by Tyler Schmitt and Katie Jameson

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