22 May 2020

Being stuck at home for the last few months has definitely had it’s ups and downs. But I think we can all agree that spending quality time with our fur babies has been a huge plus! I couldn’t imagine spending all of this time on lockdown without my pet with me as my emotional support, cuddle buddy, and of course, constant source of entertainment. If you’re looking for a way to show your furry friend some love, without breaking your aesthetic, keep reading to find out our favorite stylish and functional pet finds.

Terrazzo Food + Water Bowl

Your pet’s food and water bowls are always laying around on the floor somewhere in your home, so you might as well have them be cute! These terrazzo food bowls are giving us major heart eyes. They add in a fun pop of color and pattern into your home, and not to mention, they’re hand made!

Mid Century Pet Bed

If you’re looking for a new bed for your cat or small dog to fit your modern aesthetic, this walnut pet bed is the perfect! This stylish piece is made by animal loving interior designers and is hand crafted with ergonomic and natural materials. So not only are you showing your furry friend some love, but also the planet!

Pastel Toys

I have a dog and a cat, and let me tell ya, their toys are EVERYWHERE. If you have pet toys laying around your house, then you’ll love these super chic, cleanly-designed, pastel toys from Nice Digs. This Austrailia based pet accessories company is owned and operated by women who focus on durable, contemporary designs, just like our team here at BANDD!

Plant Litter Box

I personally have this houseplant disguised litter box in my home and it might have been my best purchase ever. As all my fellow cat owners know, finding the right place to put your litter box, especially in a small space, to where it is hidden is the biggest struggle. This litter box is a purrr-fect choice if you don’t have a place to keep your cat’s litter box out of sight. The fake planter has a removable lid so that it’s easy to clean, and it’s wide enough for your cat to fit in (trust me, my cats a chonker and he still has enough room in there).

Commuter Pet Carrier

These pet carriers are so chic that I would even wear it as my everyday tote! Not only is this carrier super stylish, but it’s cushioned, has non-slip straps, and has a cut out on each end so that your pet can see the world around them while on the go.

Velvet Pet Sofa

We had to throw in another pet bed option for all of you that have a more glam aesthetic. This forest green pet sofa is pure luxury for your furry friend. Plus, it’s upholstered with waterproof velvet so that it’ll last longer and pamper your pet for years to come!

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