17 July 2020

Here at BANDD we believe in lasting design, but that’s not to say we don’t love to indulge in a good trend. Considering how accustomed to a more casual, at-home lifestyle I think many of us have started to become (I’m in sweatpants as I write this), it felt like an appropriate time to highlight a couple of our current favorite trends in fashion, but explain how to incorporate them into your home instead.

Granny Chic

Design Studio Mcgee

Design by Studio McGee | Photography by Lucy Call

Vintage influences have been everywhere lately. With the fashionable return of 1960s wallpaper prints, doily-inspired crochet work, polka dots, silk scarves, and heirloom jewelry (such as clip-on earrings, brooches, glasses chains, and lockets) it’s no wonder why the term ‘grandmillennial’ has come to exist.

Photo Virginia Macdonald Designer Youssef Hasbani

Design by Youssef Hasbani | Photography by Virginia Macdonald

Achieving this aesthetic in your home requires a delicate balance of pattern play as to not appear overly cluttered or outdated. Consider pairing a modern floral print with an antique piece, balanced by some natural texture, like a rattan or cane element. Breezy and eyelet textiles go a long way here, as do cheery pastel hues and petite accessories. If needlepoint wasn’t already a quarantine hobby of yours, you might consider it now.

Global Cowboy

Design Amber Interiors Photo Tessa Neustadt

Design by Amber Interiors | Photography by Tessa Neustadt

Another trend that’s been dominating major fashion houses is an elevated version of the urban rodeo aesthetic we’ve been seeing arise in previous seasons. Taking things one step further, strictly southwestern-inspired pieces are being swapped out in lieu of a more universal and sustainable approach. Crisp linens, worn leathers, denims, and suedes are all indicative of this folksy look, especially when paired with fringe detailing, prairie-inspired florals, and other natural elements.

Design Chango And Co

Design by Chango & Co | Photography by Sarah Elliot

Thrifting and other eco-friendly practices are still very much on the rise and can help to create a one-of-a-kind, collected look. Secondhand pieces add character and craftsmanship to a space, and in combination with some larger masculine elements, linen upholstery, rich leathers, and pops of greenery, you can bring this curated yeehaw vibe into your own space.

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