13 March 2020

Here at BANDD, we are huge fans of built-ins of all types. I feel like they really tie a space together and make it look complete and customized. Built-ins are not only great for keeping your home organized and functional, but they can also also add dimension, contrast, and style. Here you can find our favorite built-in ideas for the home that are practical and polished.

Hidden Shelving Wall Panels

Open shelving looks amazing, but let’s be real, you can’t put all of your junk out in the open for your guests to see and styling the shelves to perfection is a project on its own. Having built-in shelving behind wall panels is basically like having an extra storage closet. These provide you with a great amount of space to store those items that you don’t want to have laying around your house, and anyone who comes into your home will never even know that they’re there!

Walll Panel


Pet Food And Water Station

I don’t know about y’all, but I am constantly knocking over my dog and cat’s food and water bowls! This idea is absolutely genius and so practical, especially since it includes a faucet so that you don’t have to carry water over each time you have to refill it. I love how this built-in moves that awkward food and water bowl situation out of the way, while also showing your furry friend some love!

Pull Out Knife Block

When it comes to designing your kitchen, you want as much storage as possible to keep cooking appliances and tools off of your countertops so that you can keep your kitchen looking neat and open. This thin cabinet pull out with a built-in knife block is not only super handy, but it removes that bulky knife station off of your kitchen counters so that it’s your kitchen design that is grabbing the eye, not the clutter around it.

Knife Block

Room For Tuesday

Bunk Beds

When you hear the words “bunk bed”, the first thing that usually comes to mind isn’t a luxurious, sleek design featuring double beds. Most people recall their metal childhood bunk bed or horrible college dorm bunk when they think of bunk beds (or at least I do!), and the thought of those isn’t so glamorous. However, built-in bunk beds can be designed to feel like more of a structured welcoming for your guests that was made for their stay.

Hidden Vacuum

I need this in my life. Imagine just sweeping your kitchen really quick, pushing it all into the corner, pressing your foot on the button, and voila your floors are clean!

Home Bar

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bar cart and a boozy sideboard, but they can’t even compare to having your own built in home bar. Anyone who loves hosting and entertaining definitely needs to consider this built-in!

Pull Out Spice Rack

I’ve seen so many different variations for how to store spices and keep them organized. Spice racks that sit in your cabinet are great, but they aren’t right there next to you when you’re cooking and can be hard to look through. A pull out spice rack that is slender and fitted right next to your oven and stove top is any cooking lover’s dream!


Daybeds are perfect for those awkward, unused spaces such as underneath your staircase, by a window, or in a corner of a room that’s feeling a little neglected. Incorporating a daybed into your home can bring in a cozy and comfortable element, while also being stylish and unique.

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