25 September 2020

With the new year looming on the horizon, it felt as appropriate a time as ever to address how and where we see the design industry headed. I’m sure by now we’re all sick of hearing the term ‘new normal’ but the fact of the matter is that the events of this year are going to shape the way that we live, and along with that, the future of design. That being said, we’ve put together a list below of our trend predictions for the year 2021.

A Rise in Functionality

The necessity for multipurpose residential spaces has never been greater. Nowadays, more people are working remotely than ever before, and with that are realizing a need to still maintain a healthy work-life balance. We have been seeing a huge spike in home office projects here at the firm within the past six months, and the in-stock retail options for desks and office chairs are getting slimmer with each passing day, as companies continue to realize their stay-at-home potential.

Secretary desks, close-able built-ins, and other creative foldaway storage solutions are on the rise and will continue to be in the coming year. Any means of neatly tucking the workspace away at 5pm is a must for anyone now finding themselves both living and working within the same confined space.

Drippingspringshouse 17

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Molly Culver

Similarly, this desire for functionality has extended to our outdoor living spaces as well. With the lack of available travel locations as borders remain strictly regulated and social distancing mandates are in effect, many are seeking to now invest in curating their own backyard oases as luxe gathering and entertaining spaces. We’ve heard of bringing the outdoors in, but in 2021 expect to see the inside brought out.

Patio Ideas For Outdoor Living Entertaining 05 1 Kindesign

Design by Old Brand New | Photography by Paul Costello

Clean + Authentic Materials

2020 has taught us all a lot, including that we could be doing much more to help curb the spread of germs within our own homes. Due to this – in combination with millennials’ general tendency to shy away from inauthentic – natural and non-porous material surfaces will be everywhere in the new year.

Another big draw for this return to the organic brings us back to the work-from-home issue. We crave these elements in juxtaposition to the sleek technological age we’re living in, and the screens at which we spend our days staring. Biophilic elements are a must to help counteract the negative psychological effects of our blue light intake.

Playful Palettes

Here at BANDD, we love to have fun with color, so we’re pretty stoked about this next one. Color is back, y’all, and this time it’s in full swing!

As we spend so much more of our time at home, expect to see a shift away from the endless sea of whites, blacks, and grays that followed the recent farmhouse wave. As clean as it might look, it can also feel quite cold and bleak. With all of the constant change and uncertainty this year has brought, people are seeking a cheery and peaceful change of pace.

Yellow hasn’t seen this big of a rebirth since the seventies, with several bold and friendly shades en vogue at the moment including ochre, mustard, warm beige, and blonde. Expect to see the revival of chintz, wicker, cane, fringe, florals, gingham, wallpaper, and antiques as they work to evoke a hopeful, cozy, and nostalgic ambiance.

Additionally, as more and more people are turning to creative hobbies as ways to both pass the time and sooth anxieties, expect to see a revival of arts and crafts in the home decor realm. Handicrafts such as ceramics, quilts, macrame, knits, needlepoint, and tie-dyed pieces will be everywhere in 2021. DIYers, it is your time to shine!

Design By Purveyor Design | Photography By Wynn Myers

Design by Purveyor Design | Photography by Wynn Myers

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