4 March 2022

The days are warming up, the sun is shining, Spring is almost here. The change of the season is a perfect time to freshen up your home. And don’t feel overwhelmed, you can focus on just one room at a time by starting with one of the main areas that can be changed easily. Here are a few ideas you can use to help refresh your home for Spring!

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As the weather begins to warm up, we generally get the urge to open up the windows, let fresh air in. It’s a great time to give your home a good Spring clean! So put on some fun music and start tackling those rooms. You’ll want to start by giving your floors a good, deep clean. Then clean off all the surfaces and dust, and of course, give those windows lots of attention. Nice clean windows will sparkle with all the sunshine! You’ll also want to declutter as you go. Move accessories, etc. to one place so you can assess each piece. Decide if it stays or goes! This is also a great way to use them in different areas of your home.

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Now you want to open up the space. It’s a great time to remove some of the items to make it feel open and airy. Rearranging the furniture is also a great way to make a room feel fresh and new. You can also repurpose furniture in different rooms. For example, swap out side chairs or tables, use a bench or chest in the entryway.

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You can make accessories feel fresh and new again just by placing them in a new spot. For example, its easy to transform your living room with new pillows from a bedroom or vases and trays from the kitchen or dining room. Also consider bringing in natural elements to add an organic feel. Don’t forget you may find just the right branch or greenery in your own backyard! Or on your next grocery store trip, pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers. They can add just the right amount of softness.

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