23 October 2018

I need to tell you a little secret. I am a total kitchen appliance snob. Which is laughable considering most of my own kitchen appliances are about as basic as you can get. I mean that is probably because the ones I have work just fine, but when the first one breaks you can be certain they will all be getting a facelift!

image via Buk + Nola

But when it comes to working on kitchen remodels or creating a new kitchen from scratch, I want nothing but the best for my clients. Usually, that means I am showing the top of the line, fancy, new best thing with all of the bells and whistles. And that generally means slowly steering them away from the tried and true stainless steel. Don’t get me wrong, stainless is still fab and still looks absolutely classic and if you’re really wanting to do one better, I’ve got two words for you: Panel Ready. Whether we are using panel-ready appliances (the type you can hide with a matching cabinet front) or good-ol-trusty stainless steel, then I can assure you that your kitchen will still be beautiful and stand the test of time.

Black Kitchen

image via Pinterest

That’s cute, right? All well and good? Well, let me introduce you to stainless steel’s sexy, alluring cousin, matte black. You heard me right. Matte black kitchen appliances are coming on strong and I am not mad about it at all. For those who are tired of the usual stainless steel or can’t quite splurge on the panel ready, Mr. Black is here to sweep you up off of your feet. 

Styles of this new dark trend can range from your basic look only in a darker (very dark) stainless steel to something sleek and higher end with copper pulls….and let’s be honest, that black with copper is just mind-blowing for a dang fridge, amirite??
Black Kitchen 2

image via Whirlpool

Next time you are planning out your kitchen remodel or if you find yourself building a new home (lucky you!), take a long hard look at these black beauties. It will instantly up the value of your kitchen and give you a fresh and bold look to your new space.

house beautiful

image via House Beautiful

Also, if you’re in Austin and have time to make it out to the Austin Parade of Homes, check out the home designed by Glazier Homes. They utilized the first ever all matte black appliances from GE’s new Café collection and the end result is nothing short of stunning.


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