24 April 2018

I’ve heard it time and time again. “I’m on a budget and don’t want to spend a ton on a new sofa”. I get it. You might have dirty kiddos running around or a dog that loves a good sofa nap, but there are times when investing is much more worth it than not. I’ve tapped Taylor to share with us the areas it makes sense to spend a little more and ones where you should pinch those pennies. Enjoy!

Living Room Via Chrissy Mcdonald

Photo courtesy of Chrissy McDonald

When furnishing a home, it’s hard to know which pieces are worth the long-term investment, and where you can save a little money. Find out which home goods you can grab at a discount, and which are worth the extra space in your budget.

The Living Room

Living Room Via My Domaine

Photo courtest of My Domaine

Splurge: Sofa

Your couch is where you relax and entertain, and there’s nothing more disappointing than the signs of wear and tear showing up when you lounge. Invest in a quality sofa that suits your taste but will last the long haul. A classic design means you’ll never fall out of love, and you can always try out a new look with your throw pillows.

Nesting Tables Via Jennifer Lynn Interiors

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Lynn Interiors

Save: End Tables

They’re a fun way to capitalize on the latest trends, and they’re easy to switch out if your tastes change down the road. Opt for nesting set so you can make get more surface area when entertaining, or scatter them across the room.

The Bedroom

Bed By New Classic

Photo courtesy of New Classic

Splurge: Bed Frame

Your mattress and box spring will wear out way faster if you don’t have the support of a sturdy frame. Solid wood is your best bet for a frame that will last through the years and be good to your back.

Gray Bedroom Via Traditional Home

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

Save: Sheets

In a thread count obsessed world, you can get quality sets from Target or Amazon for a great price. Get a duvet you’re in love with, but snag plain sheets and that are comfy and you’ll have a gorgeous bedding set for less.

The Dining Room

Justin Coit Via Better Homes & Gardens

Photo courtesy of Justin Coit via Better Homes and Gardens

Splurge: Dining Set

A sturdy and comfortable dining room set will keep you even happier after a big meal. Make sure you have the right amount of chairs to seat your guests comfortably and consider a removable leaf if space is tight. Look for sturdy construction and removable cushions that you can recover if you want to update the look down the line.

Dining Room Light Via Kichler.com

Photo courtesy of  Kichler

Save: Lighting

These days, you can come by a stylish yet affordable lighting fixture at places like the Home Depot, and even Ikea. Anything from floor lamps to hanging pendant lights, in all the popular styles. Saving here may even mean that you can afford to spring for a professional to install it.

Helpful Hint:

Follow some simple rules to decide which things are worth the extra money. If it will be moved, or you’ll be sitting on it, it’s probably worth the investment. Things like the drawers you open every day or the chairs you sit on, need to be able to last.

However, if it’s going to stay still mostly, you can try to save your pennies. Decor, wall art, even area rugs you walk across, can be snagged at a discount. These things are easy to update over time and you won’t feel bad about wanting to switch things up in the future.

What items are on your must splurge list? Drop a comment below and share with us your favorite ways to splurge and save!

Taylor is an LA-based writer, who shares her obsession with classic interior design and travel at flourishmentary.com.

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