18 December 2020

The holidays are right around the corner and we’ve all been scattering to find the perfect gifts for all the special people in our lives. You might have the gifts ready to go, but are the stockings feeling a little light? Don’t you worry, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite stocking stuffers that the whole family will be sure to love!

Christmas Decorations Real Flocked Tree 3

Design & Photo by Rachel Parcell

For Her:

Stocking Stuffers For Her Bandd Design

  1. SlippersThese are the coziest slippers ever! I made sure to toss these in my mom’s stocking this year.
  2. Silk Scrunchie Set – I have about a million of these scrunchies and I love them! They’re great for putting your hair up without leaving bends in your hair – plus, the colors are to die for!
  3. Hair Styling Clips – Any girl could use these in her life.
  4. Gold + Green Jewel RingJewelry that’s this chic at a low price? Gimme gimme!
  5. Sexy Man CandleWho doesn’t love a sexy man smell?!
  6. Leather Key Chain RingThis keychain makes it so easy to find your keys under all the random stuff in your purse! It’s available in tons of colors and fun patterns.

For Him:

Stocking Stuffers For Him Bandd Design

  1. Wireless Charging Pad – Because you can never have enough phone chargers. And this charging pad makes it super easy to charge your phone by just setting it down!
  2. Carhartt Beanie – This cozy beanie comes in a bunch of colors so you can get him his favorite color.
  3. Socks – The older I get, the more exciting it is to get new socks. Am I right?!
  4. Mini Car Vacuum – I have two of these and they are a game changer for getting little crumbs out of your car, keyboard, or any other small space. Don’t be fooled by it’s size, this sucker has a lot of power and can hold a surprisingly good amount!
  5. Mug – For the coffee addict in your life. I love the modern design of this mug – plus it comes in several colors.
  6. Sneaker Balls – These are a game changer for getting rid of stinky smells in your man’s shoes.

For The Teens:

Stocking Stuffers For Teens Bandd Design

  1. Disposable Camera –  Disposable cameras are back in full swing and are cuter than ever!
  2. Blue Light Glasses – These glasses do wonders for your eyes when staring at a screen all day.
  3. Lavender Essential Oil – This liquid magic is great for improving sleep and relaxation. Much needed after a full day of Zoom classes!
  4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker – A quality speaker at this price? Say less.
  5. Mighty Patch Pimple Spot Treatment – I swear by these zit patches. They work wonders!

For The Kiddos:

Stocking Stuffers For Kids Bandd Design

  1. Sunshine Sticker Pack – You really can’t go wrong with cutesy stickers!
  2. Fuzzy Monogram Hat – Well isn’t this beanie just adorable or what?! I want one for myself please.
  3. Mini M&Ms – These chocolate goodies are always a hit.
  4. Wireless Karaoke Microphone – The perfect gift for your little superstar.
  5. Paper Mate Assorted Flair Pens – My girls always go crazy for new pens and markers!
  6. Mini Pizza Puzzle – Who wouldn’t want a little puzzle of a slice of pizza?

For The Furry Friends:

Stocking Stuffers For Pets Bandd Design

  1. Champagne Toy – I wouldn’t mind having toys laying all over my house when they’re this cute!
  2. Treats + Poo Bag Carrier – The perfect duo for your precious pup! It comes with a bag of organic baked dog treats and a super cute carrier for poop bags while on the go.
  3. Candy Cane Tennis Balls – How adorable are these candy cane tennis balls? Your furry friend is about to go crazy for these!
  4. Socks with Your Pet’s Face – Okay, these might be more for you but hey, it still shows some love to your furry friend!
  5. White Paw Toy – Yet another boozy pet toy because I just get such a kick out of these. I mean…“White Paw in Bark Cherry”, how hilarious is that!

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