2 July 2021

Now that we’re about half way through the year, I’ve started reflecting on my predictions for what the top interior design trends of 2021 would be. I hit the mark on some of them, but I’ve also seen some stellar styles and design elements come into the mix that give me major heart eyes. I’ve rounded up a few of the top trends that I’ve seen emerge this year so that you can incorporate these beauties into your space!

Ribbed, Fluted, & Fabulous

This is a trend that I’m absolutely living for and I’m so excited to see it everywhere in the design world this year. Beautiful fluted and ribbed detailing have been highlighted on furnishings (particularly on tables and accent seating), cabinetry, accessories, and architecture. One of my favorite ways that this trend has been used is on the kitchen island in Arent & Pyke’s La Casa Rosa project by Luigi Rosselli Architects – so unique and stylish!

Fluted Counter By Arent&pyke

Design by Arent & Pyke | Architecture by Luigi Rosselli Architects | Photography by Prue Ruscoe

Fluted Table By Studio Lawahl

Design by Studio Lawahl | Photography by Kristofer Johnsson


Arches and arched shapes have been showing up in tons of categories; from mirrors, to accessories, shelving, and of course, doorways. I love a curvy element, so each time I see this trend in a design it grabs my attention. We used an arched mirror in the powder bathroom in our Rollingwood New Build project and it gives a more elevated take on a simple mirror. 

Bandd Design Powder Bath

Design by BANDD Design | Photography by Ryann Ford

Arch Door By Jenny Keenan

Design by Jenny Keenan | Photography by Marili Forastieri

Ashley Lewis Santa Monica Canyon Home Tour Domino 4

Design by Studio Lifestyle | Photo via Domino

Layered Neutrals + Earth Tones

Whoever said neutrals were out was seriously disturbed…because I am swooning over this trend. I’m getting a lot of Wabi Sabi and Organic Modern vibes with this one. So far in 2021, it’s been all about layering earthy, neutral color palettes and materials to create a serene oasis right in your own space. 


Photo via Nest Casa

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