10 January 2020

As we welcome the new year, we find that it’s always fun to look back on past trends and how they’re incorporated in designs today. To be in the spirit of the roaring (20)20s, we wanted to pay tribute to the historic and highly influential Art Deco style. This design style is bold, unique, playful and can bring any space to life. Below you can check out some modern ways to add Art Deco elements into your home.

Geometric Lines

Furniture and decor with bold curves, sharp edges, and dramatic shapes can give your home some personality. There’s just something about a curved sofa that instantly gives me a feeling of luxury.

Design By Pappas Miron

Design by Pappas Miron

Jewel Tones

Our design team shares quite the obsession for jewel tones. Emerald green, turquoise, ruby red, magenta and sapphire blue are all colors that will undoubtedly catch the eye of anyone in the room. My favorite way to incorporate these colors into a space without overpowering the room is through dining or accent chairs.


Design by Tamara Magel

Bold Wallpapers

There’s nothing we love more than a fun wallpaper! Powder bathrooms and dining areas are the perfect places to give your walls some love and liven up the room.

Dramatic Furniture

Adding a unique piece such as a funky chair or geometric side table is an easy way to add a little more excitement to your space. It doesn’t have to be a totally crazy piece to make a statement. It can be as simple as the end table shown below that has an uncommon shape to it but is still neutral and relaxed.

Add In Some Antiques

Whether it be a chest of drawers or some old trinkets, adding some antiques into your space makes it feel more personal and special.

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