11 December 2020

Tis’ the season for holiday shopping! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for everyone in your life – from the homebody, the cooking lover, the techy guy, and so much more. Below you can find amazing gifts at all prices and styles. Happy shopping!

Gifts For Her – The Boss Babe

Gifts For Her Boss Babe Bandd Design

  1. Monogram Leather Backpack – Who doesn’t need a new work bag? This stunning Italian leather backpack is ideal for anyone on the go! It’s also monogrammed which makes this gift feel that much more special and unique.
  2. Braided Suede Journal – With the new year approaching, a new journal is always a must.
  3. Bluelight Glasses – I have about a million pairs of these glasses! They do wonders for your eyes when staring at a screen all day long.
  4. Monogram Charging Station – Some wireless chargers can be a bit of an eye sore, but this leather one is so chic! Not only can it charge phones and airpods, but it also makes a great catch-all.
  5. Leather LunchboxBelieve it or not, this beautiful leather bag is a lunchbox! The perfect gift for someone who is always on the go.

Gifts For Her – The Homebody

Gifts For Her Homebody Bandd Design

  1. Waffle Lounge Set – Everyone appreciates a cute lounge set this year more than ever.
  2. Faux Fur Slippers – These slippers look so cozy and chic! I could definitely see myself wearing these all day while I work from home.
  3. Confetti Candle – Not only is this candle cute and colorful, but it smells amaze!
  4. Silk Pillowcase – I have this at home and it makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud! It keeps your skin from wrinkling and your hair from getting messy overnight.
  5. Star Print Robe – This long robe is perfect for the cozy queen in your life!

Gifts For Her – The Trend Setter

Gifts For Her The Trendsetter Bandd Design

  1. Snake Print Leather Jacket – You can never have enough jackets so this gift is always a crowd please! Snake print is so in right now.
  2. Suede Belt – The perfect accessory for any outfit. This stunning belt will be a staple piece in your fashion lover’s closet.
  3. Lack of Color Cosmic Hat – This shop has the best statement hats ever! This comic navy boater hat with gold accents is to die for.
  4. Padlock Earrings – These are the top on my wish list. So simple yet unique!
  5. Oversized Leather Hobo Bag – This purse is the perfect combination of modern, chic, and timeless. Whoever you gift it to will definitely use it as their new go-to bag!
  6. Embellished Heels – I’ve got my eye on these pretty little numbers. This golden yellow color is so hot right now, any fashionista would love to add these to their wardrobe.

Gifts For The One Who Loves To Cook

Gifts For Cooking Lover Bandd Design

  1. Bread is Gold Book – This cookbook takes a holistic look at the subject of food waste, presenting recipes for three-course meals from 45 of the world’s top chefs. Plus, the design is so chic, it also makes a beautiful decorative accent for the kitchen.
  2. Copper & Wood Measuring Cups – I’m not a huge fan of cooking, but I would be if I had these adorable measuring cups!
  3. Always Pan – You can do just about anything with this pan; from searing, sautéing, frying, boiling, everything! It is essentially eight of your most frequently used cooking tools in one pan.
  4. Knife Set – Who knew knives could be this cute?! Any cooking lover would swoon over these.
  5. Black Truffle Dinner Set – There’s nothing better than black truffle everything!

Gifts For Him – The Stylish Guy

Gifts For Him Stylish Guy Bandd Design

  1. Stone Island Long-Sleeve Tee – This clothing brand is the hottest thing in men’s fashion right now. They have the softest tee shirts that are amazing quality.
  2. Lululemon ABC Pants – Every guy I know swears by these pants by Lululemon! They look like slacks or dress pants but actually feel like lounge pants and have a lot of stretch to them.
  3. Gucci Ring – Finding jewelry that your man loves can be difficult, but this ring is bound to be all time favorite!
  4. Duffle Bag – We’re all counting down the days until we can travel again, am I right? This weekender duffel bag is perfect for the guy on the go.
  5. Suede Chelsea Boots – I got these for my mans a while back and he’s begging for them in every color now! Every stylish guy needs a pair of chelsea boots.

Gifts For Him – The Sporty Guy

Gifts For Him Sporty Bandd Design

  1. Adjustable Dumbbell Weight – This might just be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! You can easily adjust the weight on this dumbbell and don’t have to worry about workout gear taking up all your space.
  2. Beats Headphones – Noise canceling headphones? Say less.
  3. Sneakers – I have so many pairs of Adidas sneakers and they are the comfiest shoes for working out!
  4. Team Stadium Glasses – They have these glasses available for all sports teams, so the sports lover in your life can pour themselves a drink in these bad boys while watching the big game.
  5. Vintage Tennis Rackets – My dad loves to play tennis and these vintage rackets would be such a great gift for him to use as decor in his office or man cave.

Gifts For Him – The Tech + Game Lover

Gifts For Him Tech Lover Bandd Design

  1. Smart Hub Charger – Perfect for charging all of his devices – six of them at the same time!
  2. Switch Airpods Case – Since everyone has been obsessed with the Nintendo Switch lately, this Airpods case is so fun! 
  3. Electric Coffee Mug Warmer – Anyone who enjoys a neat gadget or a hot cup of coffee would absolutely love this electric mug warmer.
  4. Leather Charger Roll Up – There’s nothing worse than a bunch of tangled up cords and chargers. This leather roll up charger case is perfect for the techy on the go!
  5. Virtual Reality Headset – With the way that times are right now, who wouldn’t want to step into virtual reality?

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