7 January 2022

How you design your home and create spaces that reflect your personality can be challenging. This year we’re seeing new trends that will remain in style for years to come. And although these designs are not perfect for everyone, a few of these ideas could help you create a home that’s on trend!

Light Color Floors

We will continue to see light colored hardwood floors in 2022. They can help make a space feel larger and more spacious. They can also reflect the natural light that comes in from windows helping making a space feel more airy and bright. It’s also one of the best examples of how to bring natural elements into your home in a beautiful way. #sustainability

Bandd Josephinest 2

Design by Bandd Design    Photography by Molly Culver

Curves Ahead

The curvy furniture trend is still hot and one of the most talked about trends. Designers are using it to update the look of living rooms, dining room, and home offices.  With its softer edges, it brings a sense of ease and fluidity to a space.

Jeremiah Brent

Design by Jeremiah Brent

Multifunctional Spaces

Single-use spaces seem to be a thing of the past, our homes have become a place of both work and play. I’m sure we’ll continue to see multifunctional rooms, making the most of each space in our home. Home offices, dining and family rooms are accommodating multiple family members throughout the week. So it goes without saying, rooms that can serve more than one purpose are more important than ever.

005 005 Fg 01692 Virtual Stage Vent Hood Silver And Wine Fridge

Design by Bandd Design  Photography by Molly Culver

Sustainable Choices

Being mindful of the kinds of materials people are introducing into their homes is a rising trend. Designers are looking to create spaces that feel comfortable but with a modern twist. Simple ideas such as choosing bamboo flooring instead of carpet or clay tiles over concrete walls. Using organic materials can be an easy way to create a natural look in your home, be sure to chose items where the materials are ethically sourced.

Gbd46 Spaces Heron Hall 1.jpg

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