31 January 2020

One of the trends that we’re really loving over here at BANDD is the comeback of Burl Wood. And while this style of wood has been used in furniture production for what feels like forever, we’re seeing it more from the vendors that we love to source from. It’s a nice twist on a natural element, with it’s marbled twists and organic feel. And no matter the wood species, it always feels warm and inviting. It works well in any type of interior style, whether that be contemporary, retro or anywhere in between. And it’s a great addition when you’re trying to achieve that layered look. We love it with a mix of textures and it works well with relatively any color scheme that you have in your home. But it becomes the star of the show when contrasted with blues, greens and cooler, more neutral palettes.

Burl Wood, while beautiful and unique, is not just a species of wood, but is formed by stressed caused to a tree. This stress can be caused by sickness, injury or insects. And since these situations can form on any species of tree, there are tons of variations out there. It’s one of those “light at the end of a tunnel” situations that you see so much in nature. The process of the tree healing itself produces those beautiful waves and irregular curves that you won’t come across normally. It happens as an exterior growth and can be outside on the trunk of the tree or under the ground. And while it grows quickly – at least compared to the rest of the tree – it’s not always easy to find. This can lead to a little higher of a price tag, but it’s so worth it in the end.

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