12 February 2021

Our amazing intern, Ryan, is taking over the blog today to talk about a design trend that she’s been loving; global influence. At BANDD, we always find ourselves drawing inspiration from all kinds of stunning destinations around the world, so we are really excited to tell y’all about how you can incorporate various global styles in your space!

Although international travel is at a standstill right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your cultural fix through design. The global themed design style has stepped under the spotlight recently and continues to gain more and more attention. Below are some tips on how to incorporate different design styles from throughout the world into your home.

French Influence

Let’s say you’ve been craving a trip to the French countryside (I know I have); the style in France is effortlessly beautiful and elegant. Adding vintage pieces as well as a soft color palette is an easy way to start recreating the French style. The french country style is created through exposed stone, light woods, and off-white colors to balance the soft blues, pinks, and yellows. You can incorporate these colors by using stylish wallpaper or layering fabrics like linens or florals – mix, and match!

Mexican Influence

Mexican design is electric, it incorporates vivid and rich colors through art, all the way to facades. If you want to incorporate the Mexican design style into your home start with an accent wall to determine the room’s color pallet. Balance out the bold by using neutral-toned furniture or furnishings. Orange-red tones, teal, or sunny yellows are commonly used color choices for this particular style.

Mexico is famous for its beautiful, handmade embroidery and weaving, so incorporating these designs through tapestries, throw pillows/cushions, or blankets are also great ways to bring in more of the Mexican culture into the design. Incorporating succulents and cacti are also an easy way to incorporate color and a chic desert accent into the interior.

German Influence

Are you more of a minimalist who thrives in a functional space? Maybe a German design style is the one for you. Germanys urban architecture and design are modern and focuses on symmetry. Use mostly grays and blues, but don’t be afraid to add pops of color through art or rugs in order to make sure the room doesn’t feel cold or hostile (warm lighting also helps). The German-style is usually free of clutter, but adding trinkets to the design space makes the fine-lined style seem more welcoming.

Project Dd By Pieter Vanrenterghem Ode To Things 014 1024x1024

Design by Pieter Vanrenterghem | Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

Leibal South Yarra Residence We Are Huntly 1

Design by We Are Huntly | Photography by Sharyn Cairns

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