10 November 2021

Without a doubt, wallpaper has come a long way!  No matter your design style or the architecture of your home, there’s a wallpaper designed just for you. And with so many textures, colors, patterns and options, there’s no reason to overlook its use in practical or unique places. In this primary bedroom, we used a moody blue, geometric pattern to set the tone for a unique yet welcoming vibe. In similar fashion to a headboard, it draws your eye and creates a focal point in the design.


If Wallpaper Could Talk

We all know it would definitely have something to say. ‘Speaking’ of…what do you think this ceiling is trying to confess? Well, anyway, in this home office, it’s the perfect canvas to make an unexpected statement. It’s like stand-alone art.


Design by Kristen F. Davis Design

Easy Does It

So if wallpaper is a vibe you can get into, keep in mind it will be with you for a while. And easing into it with modest placement is a great place to start. Here are three easy ways you can introduce wallpaper into your home. #1: The pantry…who knew, we had fun with this one!  #2: These built-ins got a major makeover, the striking blue pattern immediately draws your eye but is an approachable conversation starter.  #3: Last but not least, this powder bath, oh my! It would definitely be the friend that says, “Sorry I’m late, but I got here as soon as I wanted to”!

Blog Collage2


Express Yourself

Whether it’s a bright, bold pattern or a soft natural feel, wallpaper is a great way express your personality and elevate a focal point in your home. It’s an easy, low maintenance way to add character and individuality.

And if you need a little inspo, take a peek at some of our favorite wallcovering studios!



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