18 November 2022

When furnishing a home, it’s difficult to know where you can save and which pieces are worth the long-term investment. One of the most important pieces you should invest in, IMO, is your sofa. It’s where you relax and entertain every day so you want it to last. Here’s what to know before buying a sofa and giving up that hard-earned cash.

Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN


Sofas visually anchor your living room so it’s crucial to have a sense of proportion before shopping. Left to just the eye we will often over or under estimate the space we’re working in. And the last thing you want is one that is way too small for your space or so large that nothing else will fit appropriately. It should encourage conversation and comfort and it doesn’t need to sit flush to a wall. Tips to remember: leave 24″-36″ of walkway space; keep furniture 42″ – 120″ apart from each other; and leave about 18″ between the sofa and coffee table.

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Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN

Style + Function

Now think about how the space is used on a regular basis. Do you binge Netflix on the reg? Do you often entertain? If you mainly watch TV, you may want to select a sofa that fits in the orientation of the TV, or maybe a sectional so everyone has room to sprawl out. If you mostly entertain, you might want a stand-alone sofa with clean, sleek lines. No matter your style, also think about the arm and back style, upholstery details, if you want legs or skirts, etc. 

Photography by Molly Culver Photography  Design by BANDD/DESIGN

Material + Color

Believe it or not, the sofa in my home is a soft pink. And I love it! I actually receive a lot of complements, mainly because it’s out of the ordinary yet it works like a neutral and softens the overall feel of my living room. 

Another important tip: choosing the right fabric. If you have kids, pets or a more laid-back living we would want to opt for microfibers or blended fabrics that are resistant and easier to clean. For a more formal or polished look, look for fabrics like velvet or leather.


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